The Philips DreamStation is a CPAP therapy device that provides positive airway pressure. It is designed to ensure optimal airflow at all times, no matter what stage of sleep you are in. In addition to providing the lowest possible pressure for the best night’s sleep, it also includes a variety of tools and features that help you get the most out of your sleep apnea therapy.

When you first start using your Philips DreamStation, you’ll find the system simple and intuitive to use. From the colorful, easy-to-read display to the self-diagnostic tool and alerts, it’s a great way to learn about your breathing patterns and track your therapy. You can even connect your DreamStation to a DreamMapper app for a more comprehensive view of your sleep therapy. This app will provide you with goal setting and troubleshooting advice and educational content.

One of the most important things to know about the Philips DreamStation is its compact design. Because it’s smaller, you won’t have to worry about taking up too much space in your bedroom or living room. As a result, you can keep it in a drawer or on your bedside table and take it with you anywhere.

Unlike the majority of CPAP devices on the market today, the Philips DreamStation is designed with a low-profile. Even though it’s relatively thin, it still manages to give you all of the features you need. It’s designed with Bluetooth, which allows you to easily share your sleep data with your care team. Moreover, it comes with an integrated humidifier to prevent dry nose and sore throat side effects.

Another great feature is the Opti-Start feature. It helps you acclimate to therapy and reduces the chances of apnea events. With this feature on, your machine starts your therapy at 90% of the pressure you need. However, you can turn it off if you prefer. During this time, your air pressure will slowly increase to the pressure you need to feel comfortable.

The Philips DreamStation CPAP machine also features A-Flex Pressure Relief Technology, which is designed to make sleep apnea therapy more comfortable and help you stay compliant. By combining this technology with an advanced Digital Auto-Trak algorithm, your machine will automatically adjust the air pressure based on your breathing pattern.


The Philips DreamStation APAP also provides an option for cellular modem connectivity. If you have access to a cellular data plan, you can upload your sleep data to your DreamMapper app for a comprehensive review of your therapy. Additionally, your DreamStation can be paired with the DreamMapper app, making it easier to track your sleep therapy and provide feedback to your care team. Moreover, the Philips Care Orchestrator app can help you understand your therapy and resolve your concerns.

Another great feature of the Philips DreamStation is its Opti-Start, which makes it easier to fall asleep. The auto-ramp feature gradually increases the air pressure until you reach your prescription level. And if you find it difficult to fall asleep, you can turn on the Ramp Plus feature, which gives you control over the air pressure during the ramp phase.

More information about DreamStation can be found from Philips website.