What is Ferrule Fittings?

The ferrule, which can be made of anything from stainless steel to graphite, is the main component for sealing a compression fitting assembly. However, the vast majority of ferrules on the market are made of metal.


A simple Ferrule Tube Fittings is made up of four parts. The Stainless Steel Twin Ferrule Fittings are made up of the Nut, Back Ferrule, Front Ferrule, and Body. Stainless Steel Hose Ferrules become a five-piece connector after installation. When the tube is connected to the Stainless Steel Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings, it creates a solid, leak-free union. Stainless Steel Double Ferrule Fittings are employed in a variety of industries, including pulp and paper, laboratories, downstream petrochemical, aeronautical and shipbuilding, and defense.

Types of Ferrule Fittings

It can be attached by deforming a stainless steel single-ferrule compression fitting. The 4 Inch Stainless Steel Ferrule is crushed and clamped around the tube after the fitting is deformed. This action on the Stainless Ferrule Fittings results in an extremely tight seal. As a result, the Stainless Steel Ferrules can resist the nominal pressure of the tubing. 


Nakoda Metal Industries offer numerous alloy grades and competitively priced fittings as one of the leading Stainless Steel Ferrule Fittings manufacturers in India.


Stainless Steel Ferrule Fittings are pipe fittings used to join two pipes made of different materials. Because welding or threading may not be adequate to connect these pipes, a pipe fitting with a ferrule or olive is utilized. There are several types, including standard, non-manipulative, flare, and manipulative fits.


We have a large inventory of Stainless Steel Ferrule Fittings, Double Ferrule Brass Compression Fittings, Single Ferrule Tube Fittings, and Ferrule Type Fittings in all sizes and shapes.



Nakoda Metal Industries manufactures a wide range of ferrule fittings for use with various pipe materials. The ferrule of the Brass Ferrule Fittings is made of brass. It is a connection that allows the differences between the two pipes to be connected to be adjusted, and brass is favored where corrosive substances are employed. Stainless Steel Ferrule Fittings are commonly used in hot and cold water delivery systems.


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Ferrule Compression Fittings Benefits

  • Gaugeable Bodies.
  • Ferrule Tube Fittings are fully interchangeable with Swagelok.
  • Good high-pressure/corrosion/extreme temperature resistance
  • Pearl Overseas Suparcase Ferrule for corrosion resistance.
  • Widely used throughout the world
  • Zero leakage even under tough working conditions
  • It can be reused.
  • Leak-proof joints capable of satisfying high-pressure vacuum and vibration application
  • Tube fittings supply with DIN, ISO, EN, SEA, MA certificate
  • High-quality silver plated threads on nuts to ensure no galling on the body threads.
  • Manufactured with an ASME Quality Certificate SPC is a feature of the QA process.
  • Simple to operate and save time and cost because of the usage of elastic SEAL