This is the most work of art and most famous of all the desert safaris on offer in Dubai. You leave your inn mid-evening, one hour’s drive to arrive at the beginning of the desert safari in Dubai, a stop to collapse tire tension and afterward crash into the sand.

 About thirty minutes to 40 minutes of rising slamming in the Lahbab desert safari region known for its attractive red hills, then, at that point, now is the ideal time to have a go at sandboarding, riding down a precarious ridge. Showing up at Al Khaimah Desert Camp, you will be invited with Arabic espresso, desserts, and dates. 

Get and drop-off: at your inn in Dubai.


 approx. 6 or 7 hours relying upon traffic, flight at mid-evening, and return to your inn at night.


 English talking driver/guide.


You can pick a few choices and which can be joined. The first is about transportation: if you are a family or a gathering of 5 most excellent six individuals, select one of the personal visits, book a gathering visit, all things considered assuming you are traveling solo or then again assuming there are two or you three so you share the 4WD with different members.


 notwithstanding 4WD cooled transportation with cold mineral water in the vehicle, the expense incorporates 30-45 minutes of ridge slamming, sandboarding, bird of prey insight, henna painting for women, a short camel ride (under 5 minutes), free shisha pipe, grill supper with vegan/non-veggie lover choices, limitless sodas, and Tanura and hip twirling show. Quad bicycle and desert safari in Dubai choices and cocktails are excluded and are to be paid extra on the spot.


This is a super incentive for a cash visit, especially on the off chance that you book the less expensive choice; taking into account that for an entirely sensible measure of cash, you are gotten up the inn, brought into the desert, have a smorgasbord supper and returned to your lodging, it is difficult to request more.