How to move your office chairs when relocating your office? Well, hiring skilled office movers will be the best choice for that. With access to the right moving tools and techniques, they can ease your office move. As per 2022 data, the global office relocation industry is expected to reach USD 14.6 billion (CAGR 3.3%) by 2032. Most companies move for better business opportunities, while some relocate for growth. And regardless of the reasons, hiring pro movers by your side can help you ease the process. And you must ensure that everything is ready before calling them. But how to pack large furniture(s) like office chairs? Well, you’ve to dissemble them for packing. And we’ll talk about that in the below blog post.

How to dismantle your office chairs for the relocation?

Dismantling office chairs can help you pack your chairs. Alongside that, it’ll also help the movers load them onto the moving truck. Having your large desk chairs dismantled can also prevent them from getting damaged during the move.

And here’s the step-by-step guide,

1. Handle the wheels first.

Now when you’re all set to dismantle your desk chair, let’s start with the wheels first. Why? Well, because you won’t want to run behind your chair when dismantling the other parts! Here’re the steps,

i)   Put the chair at its side and turn it upside down.

ii)  Detach the entire wheelbase from the chair first.

iii) Once done, place the base of the chair upside down.

iv) Now proceed to detach the casters one by one.

v)  Check if your chair comes with a lever (some chairs do). If yes, then use it to ease the step.

vi) If your chairs don’t have it, then use screwdrivers to unscrew the wheels.

2. Take the hydraulic stand off the chairs.

Most office chairs come with a hydraulic stand that goes straight into the wheelbase that you’ve removed. This vertical part eases the height adjustment processes in desk chairs. The other end of this cylindrical stand is fixed underneath the seating pad.

Now you’ve to detach the hydraulic stand of the chair just like the previous step. Check your chair once to see if you’ll need any special tool to remove it.

3. Detach the arms from them.

Now that you’ve removed the office chair base, you’ll need to remove the arm from the chair. And here’re the steps,

i) Check the design of your chair.

ii) You’ll need to unscrew the regular Allen key screws to take the arms off the chair.

iii) Check if your office chair covered the screws with stoppers or not.

iv) If yes, then you need to remove them first to access the screws underneath.

But what if the arms are affixed to both the seating pad and the backrest? Well, then remove all the screws using a pull to detach the armour wrist.

4. Take the headrest out (if you’ve got any).

Some office chair comes with a headrest, while some don’t. If your chair has one, follow the below steps,

i)   Check whether the headrest is held with a snap or screw mechanism.

ii)  For the snap process, pull out the part gently.

iii) For the screw process, unscrew the part from the backrest.

5. Disconnect the backrest from the seating cushion.

In most office chairs, the backrest and seating pad are affixed with the armrest. And hence, when you detach the armrest, these two parts will automatically get detached.

But if it’s not the case, then check if there’s any screw mechanism holding the two parts together. If yes, then unscrew it to separate the backrest from the seat.

N.B.: Always record the dissembling process of your chair or keep photographs of it to assemble it post-move without any issues.

Bottom line,

Moving an office chair is difficult even when you’re moving with professional office movers. Thus, dismantling it is the best option. All you’ll have to do is follow the right steps to dissemble it. And we hope this blog post will help you with that.