Increasing the consumer base is imperative to expanding a business. Vertical promotional signs and banners outside your store are a great marketing strategy. With wide format media, you get to focus on generating brand recognition. Business names in large prints urge people to take some interest in your services.

Reputable wide format media suppliers ensure your brand’s name is visible to many prospective customers. The most prominent aspect of large-format advertising is triggering curiosity that effectively converts passersby into clients.

Why are Wide Format Media Solutions Popular Today?

Big visual is the best option when it comes to grabbing the attention of passersby. The bigger your marketing message is, the easier it is to see and trigger interest in your services.

Images are a crucial aspect of boosting brand awareness. Most wide format media suppliers provide you with materials that are water-resistant and high-quality prints that prevent designs from fading out. Large format printing creates memorable images that people can remember in a limited amount of time.

Large format advertisements are specifically designed to last a long period of time. They offer your business the much-desired cost-effective exposure. Opt for simple strategies like adding social media profiles to your wide-format advertising initiatives.

Vinyl, fabric and poster boards are the best alternative for making a positive impression in the market. Moreover, such solutions promote both offline and online consumer interaction between brands and clients.


With large-format advertising solutions, you get an extensive range of versatile solutions. From banners and signs to magnets, decals, and floor magnets, such solutions always exceed our imagination and expectations.

The CPH Group is one of the leading suppliers of wide format digital print and signage solutions. We are passionate about creating solutions that effectively combine the virtues of practicality, innovation and cost-effectiveness.

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