The myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is more than denied, but in a healthy diet, it is as important as lunch or dinner. Getting a quick and healthy breakfast is relatively easy. The lack of time will be acceptable because you have compiled simple, fast akara recipe, and many can be prepared the night before.

How should a healthy breakfast be?

A healthy breakfast has to have complex carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, for example), proteins (such as dairy products and eggs), and healthy fats. (olive oil, avocado, nuts, or seeds), the first being the ones that should be given the most importance to quick breakfast ideas, without forgetting to include a small part of healthy fat. From more to less: carbohydrates, approximately three-quarters of the ration, protein a quarter, and fat, to a lesser extent.

  • Stay away from processed items like breakfast cereals, cookies, or muffins. They have too many sugars and saturated fats that are not healthy.
  • Avoid juices, even if they are homemade (especially those sold in the supermarket), because you will lose one of the best virtues of fruit, its fiber, and you will be left with only fructose.
  • Replace coffee with teas or infusions. Not because it is harmful to health but because of its effect called “tolerance,” which means that you need more and more quantity so that the effects on your body are the same.
  • Eliminate refined sugar from your diet. It is the most harmful of sugars, although not even honey is considered healthy by the WHO. You can replace it with dates, fruits like bananas or apples, and vegetables like pumpkin, which provide sweetness without adding sugar. If you do it progressively each time, you will need less sugar.

Mango, banana, and chia smoothie bowl

This smoothie is so easy to prepare that it won’t take you more than 15 minutes. It is perfect for taking after training first thing in the morning since, in addition to being nutritious, it is very energetic. If the chia seeds are unpleasant, you can hydrate them the night before in water or milk and crush them with the rest.To prepare a smoothie, easy banana bread recipe is best that you have a mixer or a blender that does the hard work for you since you only need to put everything inside to crush it together.

Carrot and dried fruit cake fit

This recipe is perfect for days you are in a hurry more than usual. It does not contain sugar, flour, or dairy products; since it is humid, it can last several days in the fridge. Best of all, you can freeze it in portions and take it out the night before so that you only have to prepare an infusion to complete a nutritious and delicious breakfast in the morning.

Eating healthy today is must to have good health. For its preparation, use an elongated mold, so the cake does not dry out excessively.