Emerald-cut diamonds happen to be the most well-known rectangular-shaped diamonds for ages. Because of their unique shape, they are the most sought-after diamonds. But people selecting emerald cuts often felt that they lack the sparkling brilliance of round-cut diamonds. What if a diamond is there that has the unique shape of the emerald cut and at the same time possesses the glitter of a round diamond? This expectation gave birth to rectangular radiant cuts.

What is meant by the radiant cut?

Diamonds that are radiant cut diamonds can be square or rectangular. As emerald and radiant cuts look similar, they are often mistaken for each other. However, a radiant cut is a fusion of step cut emerald shape and the popular round diamond cut. The fusion of cuts improves the sparkle and brilliance of the stone while maintaining exceptional depth. A large number of facets in the diamond cuts give the stone some extra shimmer. This is helpful in hiding the inclusions and improves the color of the stone.

Do radiant cuts symbolize anything?

Radiant cuts are rich with symbolism and so a preferred shape for engagement rings.

The shape of the stone stands for strength and stability. This trait attracts couples thinking of beginning their life together. The geometric shape is also related to dependability and honesty- the characteristics everyone wishes to see in their partners.

The shape is comparatively new in the diamond world. So, it is often a favored choice for young brides. The radiant cuts gain immense popularity in the 1980s. Those having a connection with the late 1970 or 1980 select this cut as a celebration of their memory.

Radiant cuts have adorned the fingers of many celebrities. Any bride choosing this particular cut will look fantastic.

How to choose the radiant cut diamond ring?

Radiant cut diamonds are versatile when it comes to styling. It looks amazing in a simple solitaire ring, or it can be the center of attraction in different types of setting like the halo, three-stone, multi-stone, or accent baguettes. Many brides prefer to showcase the solitaire style and yet want to be different. They can add a thin band setting to center the radiant cut piece of the show stopper.

A radiant cut can hardly be found in antique engagement rings as the cut is new. But it can be reset in vintage-style engagement rings.

Whatever your style with this diamond cut, there is enough opportunity to create something unique and lovely. The rings with radiant cut diamonds have individualized character. It has an elegant appeal and timeless beauty that can be a cherished possession for future generations.

What are the drawbacks of radiant diamond cuts?

GIA does not grade the cut quality of radiant diamonds. Cut grading is one of the significant factors in diamond pricing, and certification makes it more valuable. GIA is the most trusted authority to provide the cut gradings. Without this information, it is hard to evaluate diamond pricing. However, reliable jewelers can source the best radiant cuts and can customize the ring as per your design and style preference.