More often than not retaining walls are a functional necessity. Perhaps the land is steeply sloped, making it difficult to use. Perhaps the gradient is creating problems of flooding and soil erosion. In these cases, building some type of retaining wall is a no-brainer.

Still, retaining walls are more than just functional structures. Landscapers will attest to the fact that there are many types of retaining walls that can add beauty and texture to any property.

Your Imagination Sets the Limit on Retaining Walls Types for Your Property

Retaining walls can create level areas for trees, flowers or shrubs. They may flatten out a hillside. They can be used to create paths, and planters and many homeowners use retaining walls to form beautiful backdrops for terraces.

Retaining walls can incorporate paths, benches and steps. They may include flower beds, fire pits or even benches built into the wall. When building your retaining wall consider your lighting requirements. You could incorporate lights for safety or spotlight certain parts of the garden to create mood and atmosphere.

Choose from an Array of Materials

The many available materials mean that the types of retaining walls are limited only by your imagination. Retaining wall materials like concrete blocks and poured concrete walls are versatile. They will follow the flow and contours of the surrounding land. A skilled builder can make a true work of art of the various types of retaining walls and modern veneers and colors offer almost limitless options.

Plants above and below the wall enhance the beauty of the retaining wall. They add color, blending into the wall, giving it a coherent flow, and making of it a living entity.

Add Value and Beauty to Your Property with a Beautiful Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are an attractive and functional addition to any outdoor space, providing both structural support and aesthetic enhancement. From classic stone walls to modern wood screens, there are so many designs to choose from. Give expression to your artistic side. Give flight to your imagination by creating a distinctive retaining wall for your garden.