Raj walks into the office at the beginning of the episode, and Hussain tells him that his clients were unimpressed with his presentation. If the clients didn’t like what he offered, Raj inquires. Hussain claims that they kept quiet because they trusted him as the MD, but Manmeet had arrived and urgently presented fresh ideas, which caused clients to withdraw. He added that Manmeet had instructed him not to tell Raj anything, but he is going back on his word since Raj has to know what he did wrong. Raj quickly departs to see Manmeet.

When Puneet phones Ajeet, she informs him that Gunjan seems anxious and that she believes her mother-in-law is to blame. If at all possible, she wants him to see Gunjan’s in-laws and clear up their questions. Raj rushes back home and queries Manmeet’s whereabouts. He is informed by Radhe that he left his phone at home. Manmeet, according to him, had returned home, packed her bags, and taken Anmol with her. Additionally, he claims Manmeet was holding her passport. Raj becomes anxious. Ajeet visits Gunjan’s in-laws, but they steer him away from the truth and prevent him from uncovering anything Sherdil Shergill.

Mr. Yadav reprimands his family before asking Pankhuri how she learned that Manmeet was starting a new job. He talks to them about reacting when he only knows half the story. Raj made a mistake, Hussain told him, and Manmeet prevented their company from suffering a significant loss, according to Mr. Yadav. He commands Nirali to scale back her actions and to quit unnecessarily picking on Manmeet. He even requests that they inform Priyanka to make amends to Manmeet or he won’t grant her a piece of the estate. When Raj arrives, he inquires about whether they saw Manmeet go.

According to Mr. Yadav, he personally wanted to apologise to Manmeet. However, Manmeet shouldn’t have lied, claims Nirali. Raj claims that she did it to spare him from embarrassment. He departs in search of Manmeet. Puneet requests Raj to do an airport check. Raj discovers Manmeet’s location after receiving notification of an internet transaction from their shared account. When he arrives at the cafe, he is glad to see Manmeet. Raj apologises to Manmeet and tells her that he would be lost without both Anmol and her. Manmeet makes fun of him and queries whether he believed she was leaving him. In jest, Manmeet refers to him as a stupid. Raj queries her whereabouts.

Manmeet claims she is travelling to Dubai but will return that evening.

She claims she left Surti Architects and is now headed to a meeting after receiving an offer from a company in Dubai. She allegedly made a lot of plans without even telling Raj. She claims that he is the one who missed her calls. If she turned in her letter of resignation, according to Raj. She claims that because he had authored it, she could now utilise it. Raj pulls it off and declares that she is now the owner and MD of Surti Architects and that she is unable to leave the company to travel to Dubai. Manmeet rejects his offer, but Raj is able to persuade her. Raj apologises to Manmeet once more as the episode comes to a conclusion.

Anmol’s birthday party and Mr. Yadav’s insult of Nirali there are seen in the precap.