The ever-evolving world has so much to offer – the fast-paced development of technology has brought the world closer, and this has also changed the way we work. Instant work demands, and reaching out to someone with quick calls are a click away. Then it doesn’t matter where we are, answering certain calls is inevitable. How then do we battle the constant noise around us when speaking to someone? Not always will you be in the privacy of your own home where you can shut the door and go on with your calls. Office spaces and outdoor areas can all be places where such urgent calls may seem a task to be answered.

Wondering what it is to be able to take a call in a quiet atmosphere?

A space where no background noise makes you request a repeat of every line from the other side? Yes, we all are looking for such a space, especially in open-plan workspaces where a silent spot is but a luxury. There is always someone listening to our conversation, intentionally or unintentionally, and either way, it is annoying to let someone into our private life. Well, it’s not just personal calls; what about confidential client calls where you do not wish to divulge information about the conversation to your colleague? Is that not as risky for your career?

The Silent Phone Booth

Respecting and deserving a personal space to take calls is your right. When spending almost 9 hours in the office, you will definitely have to deal with the crunch of such silent spaces. Office spaces are noisy, and the chaos can greatly affect the well-being of employees. Silent phone booths are a solution to achieve undisturbed phone calls and get more work done with increased focus. Not just offices, commercial spaces like airports, cafes, malls, and metro stations too can make use of this great comeback – the silent phone booth!

When outside or in office, do you see yourself scrambling for a quiet spot to take a customer call, or to make a sales pitch? We understand the frustration of wanting to cut out all the background noise just so you could focus on the urgent call at hand. This is where the silent phone pod is useful. Equipped with the latest features, such as acoustics, ventilation, light and technical updates, the modern booth is an indispensable element in open-plan workspaces and commercial areas alike.


Taking Calls in Peace

With the advent of new working ways, a sleek and modern addition will be seen in most office spaces – acoustic booths. This separate and sound-proof booth is perfect for the much-needed personal space to take urgent phone calls. Private calls and confidential work calls are all part of a modern lifestyle. The high-level acoustics of a phone booth allows you to take such calls in complete privacy, without being distracted or disturbing other employees or people around you. Silent booths offer a quiet space away from the chaos around – a seamless experience.

Get the Best

800 Phone Pod is a leading manufacturer of silent phone booths that are here to change the ways of working, where employee well-being is well thought of. Designed with the latest features, these phone pods are what your commercial space needs – it reflects the sound of having a quiet call – giving a personal space when an individual needs it. Our extensive range is easy to install and easily movable, hence making for an affordable option to construct meeting rooms.