Singaporeans’ Sleep Deprivations

Studies indicate Singaporeans are among the world’s sleepiest populations. On average, they get less than seven hours of rest each weekday and 6.8 hours on weekends – up from 7.0 hours during a previous survey released in 2020.

Despite these sobering statistics, most Singaporeans have taken steps to improve their sleep. More than a quarter have established a bedtime/wakeup schedule, 22 per cent reduced caffeine consumption and 19 per cent relied on reading or relaxing music to help them drift off to sleep.


Insomnia is a widespread sleep disorder that can be caused by many medical conditions and mental illnesses. It significantly impacts daytime functioning and may lead to serious mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, ADHD or bipolar disorder.

Stress can contribute to insomnia, so it’s essential to address these factors. Nearly six in 10 Singaporeans have work responsibilities; financial worries and family problems may also cause stress for some.

Doctors at Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore emphasize the importance of managing stress through coping strategies for good sleep. The tips include not worrying about it while in bed, leaving at least two hours between eating and going to bed, and writing down worries or concerns in a journal.

Singapore Sleep Apnea Treatment

Although most Singaporeans understand the significance of sleep, many still hesitate to seek assistance for their difficulties sleeping. Many have never been diagnosed with an underlying sleep disorder and many fear taking a test for obstructive sleep apnea. Contact The Air Station for more information about sleep apnea test and CPAP treatment in Singapore.


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