SPA Group, a real estate company in Bangalore, strives to furnish a sustainable lifestyle experience by exceeding your expectations. SPA Group intends to provide this life experience to you and future generations. SPA group has been updated with the real estate trends; building luxury real estate projects with biophilic design and adding temperament to your humble abode is one of their key features.

The SPA group came into existence when Mr Sushil Kajaria laid the foundation of a conglomerate with his sons, Prashant and Amit Kajaria, in 1972. The SPA group uses the initials of Sushil, Prashant, and Amit Kajaria to form the group’s name. The group expanded onto the real estate domain due to the sheer passion for nature ignited by Mr Prashant Kajaria. 

Let us gather some more information about what SPA Group strives to bestow.

Fundamentals Of SPA Group

SPA Group has crafted a set of fundamental pillars to lead the way. These pillars define the unique and creative ways the group follows. 

  • Vision: The vision of SPA Group is to create luxury environments and build sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy. 
  • Mission: The mission of SPA Group is to deliver more than what they promised “you”! 
  • Manifesto: From the philosophy they follow to the personalization they implement, at the core of every detail, it has been you. They believe in giving you what you deserve best. Always.
  • Philosophy: SPA Group is driven by the concept of living and thriving instead of just existing or surviving.

These core pillars help the SPA Group to endow security to the patrons; adhering to these fundamentals makes it one of the foremost real estate company in Bangalore

The Motto Of The SPA Group: A Promise. A Proposition. A Resolution

SPA Group’s motto is centred around being a pioneer, an innovator and a partner par excellence. These are the core pillars built on the substructure of ‘YOU MATTER’. The need of every customer, stakeholder, and employee rendered into their fastidiously organized services and offerings.    

How Do They Achieve This?

SPA Group fulfils the luxurious requirements of customers by understanding their desires and fulfilling their promises; it has created three sets of unmatched creative and innovative ideas to adhere to.

  • New Avenues To Unique Experiences

The abodes built by SPA Group provide their customers with a new and unique experience. Sustainable property development is taken with immense seriousness, care, and vigilance.

  • Biophilia 

Eco-friendly development is one essential key feature of SPA Group. The art of integrating nature into your humble abodes brings you closer to the environment and freshness. All the projects built by the SPA Group are in the bassinet of nature. Residents experience natural essence and biodiversity with tranquillity in its natural form- the environment is created so that despite being in nature’s lap, the residents enjoy the luxuries they want to reside in.

  • An abundance of Space and Convenience:

SPA Group builds projects in prime locations providing a facile commute and abundant space in your abode. The crux of community living lies in privacy, convenience, and space. Projects by SPA Group deliver all these aspects of community luxury living. 


Amalgamating all the fundamentals, motto, and set of ideas, the SPA Group offers two luxurious projects. 

  • Frangipani Estates 

Frangipani Estates provides 33 personalized mansions spread across 35 acres with extravagant amenities such as:

  • 2-acre Prive Club
  • 2-acre Lake Serenity
  • 2-acre Rejuve Park
  • 1-acre Palm Triangle
  • Ecocity SPA Group

Ecocity SPA Group is an extravagant community of villa plots in sarjapur road spread across 55 acres. This project is the ultimate luxury living spot in the crib of nature. Various sumptuous amenities give a top-notch living experience. These amenities include:

  • 6-acre VISMAYA Spa & Resort
  • 24-hour medical care
  • WFH facility
  • 24-hour creche
  • Classroom for online tutorials
  • 9-themed parks

Wrap Up:

SPA Group has been building luxurious, eco-friendly abodes and delivering promises since 1972. They have an established boutique brand and made unmatched experiences for you and the generations to come. 

Fulfil your dream of experiencing living in luxurious apartments and villas by becoming a part of the SPA Group.