Swaraj is contributing towards farm mechanisation by delivering the best-in-class farming tractors. With a fuel-efficient engine and multi-utility features, a Swaraj tractor caters for the farming needs of every crop grower. Moreover, Swaraj tractor models flaunt style due to their attractive body design. So, below are two top-class Swaraj tractors making farming efficient. 

Top-Notch Swaraj Tractor Models For Efficiency

Swaraj 724 XM

This tractor model from Swaraj has numerous features for farming, and it comes with various features. The Swaraj 724 XM tractor has a powerful 25 HP engine, and it can easily handle essential farming tasks with the help of a 1000 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. Moreover, this Swaraj tractor can easily tolerate the tough conditions of the farm. Apart from this, it can carry out both commercial farming and haulage tasks without any hassle. However, along with all such features, the price of this agricultural tractor is reasonable. The Swaraj 724 XM price is Rs. 5.10 to 5.50 lakh in India. 

Swaraj 960 FE

Swaraj 960 FE is another agricultural machine from this brand, making field operations easier. It comes with a remarkably performing engine which has 60 HP and a constant mesh transmission, providing smoother performance in every terrain. Furthermore, a large number of farmers trust this tractor for various operations. Also, it is a profitable investment for achieving a profitable income. Along with these eye-catching specifications, the Swaraj 960 FE price is affordable for Indian farmers. This model is available with various financing options, just like any other tractor model from Swaraj.

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