The word “transfiguration” refers to a change of shape or appearance. One can understand Jesus’ appearance transformation through the available write-ups.

However, it is hard to understand why Jesus’ Transfiguration took three of his disciples, climbed Mount Tabor in lower Galilee, and then transformed himself into a being of light.

What was the reason behind this act?

Clearly, he did not need to prove his divinity to his three disciples since they already witnessed many of his miracles. Why then perform this act of transfiguration?

To understand Jesus’ action, we must go back some 900 years earlier to the time of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel.

The Bible calls Jezebel a “Witch” (2Kings 9:22).  We also were told that even the prophet Elijah could not eliminate Jezebel with her 400 priests of Ashtoreth even though he was able to eliminate the 450 priests of Baal.

We also know that Jezebel converted Megiddo into her seat of power. Megiddo became a place of worship of darkness and evil in contract to Jerusalem where the Temple of Solomon was located.

Jesus was aware of this center of evil power that resided in Megiddo, and he was determined to eliminate it.

But how does someone eliminate darkness?

The answer is simple, when a divine light is shined on any darkness, the darkness retreats.

However, to shine a divine light on the darkness of Megiddo, one needs to have a direct line of sight so that such light will not be blocked by any object or obstacle.

To do so, Jesus climbed Mount Tabor which is in direct line of sight of Megiddo and shined his light on it. However, he also knew that his light may not be sufficient to eliminate the evil emanating from Megiddo, that is why he was joined by Moses and Elijah, both of whom were enlightened beings.

The light of these three enlightened beings caused the darkness in Megiddo to retreat for nearly two thousand years until 1903 AD.

In a new book by Moshe Mazin titled, “The Search for Jesus’ Tomb”, Mr. Mazin describes in details Jesus’ life from birth to his death and the struggle between good and evil that has been going on for as far as human existence.

Mr. Mazin identifies the burial site of Jesus that was sought after for two thousand years along with many astonishing discoveries related to Jesus’.