When you have several construction projects going on at one time, it can be challenging to keep up with each one of them at all times. From the moment a client signs the contract to begin construction, there are so many facets of a project that the manager needs to stay on track with. The owner of the construction company also needs to be kept up-to-date with what his project manager is achieving as well.


Since the beginning of the construction industry back in the eons of time, we have always kept manual records to track the progress and costs involved with construction jobs. The man hours this can take cab be tremendous and at great expense to the company. Now, project management software packages are available in the marketplace that can make this job so much easier and are far more cost-effective for the project manager and the owner of the company.





Once a project has been sold and the client signs off the contract, your project management software will be able to keep track of progress with the calendar function for starters.


Time is important, and you can note the day the client signed off and the day the project is to begin. The calendar allows you to keep a record of when the materials were online purchase order system and the expected time of arrival on the site. Without the materials, there is not start to the project. It will also keep track of the progress on the job and whether your team are up-to-speed.


purchase order tracking software will have an email feature that sends out automatic reminders to accounting staff for vendors payments that are due, as often the discounts available are dependent on prompt settlement of accounts.


Email reminders can be scheduled for all involved in a project when an inspection is scheduled. The relevant staff involved in a project can also be notified when deliveries of materials are due so they can be sure they are on site to inspect and sign-in the consignments.


Often, a project manager will need to meet with the construction company owner as well as clients and investors. With project management software, reminders of those meetings will be sent by email. Punctuality is essential in business and missed meetings or late arrivals can leave the client feeling that their business isn’t important.


The project manager software you choose must be user-friendly on every level within the company. If everyone who has anything to do with a project isn’t educated in the full use of the software system or has trouble navigating through it, they won’t be able to utilize it and the company will not benefit fully from the investment.




purchase order management software is a valuable tool in keeping track of the expenses on a project as well, making sure you are kept on-budget and can be programmed to send out warnings should you begin to exceed expenditure.


There are two things that are most important to a client and contractor involved with a new construction project – money and time. With the right project management software, you can keep tabs on both.