Are you moving soon and thinking about where you can find free moving boxes and supplies? Buying new moving boxes is not affordable. From hiring a movers Castle Hill company to renting a storage facility, the moving process already includes a slew of essential but dreadful costs. Paying one’s hard-earned money for a plain cardboard box, however, is the most inconvenient of all the moving charges. You’ll be recycling those boxes once the move is over.

There are many ways of saving money from spending on moving boxes. You can choose from free supplies at various nearby stores, online marketplaces, and community groups. The complete house can be moved in free boxes apart from a few special-size boxes required for TVs and mirrors.

Here are some tips:

Craigslist – Look under the “free” category or post an ad asking for moving boxes. You’ll be surprised how many people have boxes they want to get rid of.

Freecycle – This is a network of people giving away free stuff in their communities. It’s a great place to get free moving boxes and materials.

Supermarkets – Most supermarkets get a large amount of goods delivered in cardboard boxes. Often, they are happy to give away these boxes to anyone who asks.

Retail Stores – Similar to supermarkets, large retail stores get their inventory in sizable boxes. These boxes can be perfect for moving house.

Online Marketplaces – Websites like Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and OfferUp often have postings from people offering free boxes they no longer need.

Local Schools – Schools receive a lot of deliveries, and they may have a surplus of boxes available.

Community Groups – Local removalists Eastwood community groups or online communities may also be good resources.

Liquor Stores – Boxes from liquor stores are sturdy and perfect for fragile items. They also tend to be a good size for heavier items like books.

Office Buildings – Many offices receive packages every day, and after unpacking these boxes, they just recycle them.

Recycling Drop-Off Points – These can be great spots to look for free boxes.

When you’re gathering boxes, remember:

Get a variety of sizes. Small boxes are good for heavy items like books, medium boxes for miscellaneous items, and large boxes for lighter items like bedding and curtains.

  • Check the boxes thoroughly to ensure they’re clean and in good condition.
  • Ask for boxes with lids or flaps so you can secure your items.
  • Boxes that have handles or are designed to be easily carried can be especially useful.
  • Get packing supplies like packing paper or bubble wrap if you can. If these are not available, you can use old newspapers, towels, or clothes to cushion fragile items.

Remember to recycle or pass along your boxes to someone else when you’re done to keep the cycle going!