The developers are making difficulty adjustments to the Guardian Raid and Abyss Dungeon in Lost Ark Gold. There will be a full breakdown of the changes being made in this week’s patch notes for the game. According to the post, the adjustments are being made based on a collection of data and feedback, including game data showing there were low success rates “with some raids and dungeons completed by less than 10% of players.” The developers want to make sure new players are “having fun learning and advancing” instead of getting frustrated with early game content. However, not all future game content will be made easier since the appeal of T3 and other late-game content are the unique and challenging mechanics.

The post provides updates on other issues being addressed along with the difficulty adjustments. One of the first things the developers fixed were the issues regarding the Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark. According to the post, it was one of the top reported issues in the game over the last few weeks, and it has been resolved at the time of writing. However, it will sometimes take a few minutes or loading screens for Crystalline Aura and store items to normally display after players log in.

The post provides an update on issues with Lost Ark’s matchmaking in the European Central region, stating that recent efforts weren’t impactful enough. However, the development team is currently working on a long-term fix as a top priority with a potential solution already identified and currently in testing. The developers are also working on issues concerning gold sellers and bots, with spammers lasting less than 10 minutes in-game before they’re banned.

The post also delves into the downtimes in Lost Ark, as the developers’ top concern is fixing issues as quickly as possible. According to the post, maintenance downtimes will continue “more frequently than normal” in the immediate future, which will not always be convenient for players. However, the developers state these downtimes are major steps towards improving cheap Lost Ark Gold in the long-term and plan to make them more predictable and convenient for players in the future.