The Asian Banker organises a range of financial conferences to provide organisations and people with greater insights into the world of finance and banking. A few of the Banking Conferences in 2022 include topical conferences, country-level conferences, and signature conferences. Below is detailed information on a couple of the conferences happening this year:

Finances Indonesia – 6th October 2022 

Digitalisation paving the way to financial inclusion

Regulators, important decision-makers from financial institutions, business players, and disruptors will all be present at Finance Indonesia 2022, which will be held at The Asian Banker, for interactive sessions to talk about the most recent trends, developments, and challenges facing the Indonesian financial services industry. This is congruent with the efforts being made by the financial body OJK to promote financial inclusion and hasten digital transformation.

Finance Thailand – 4th October 2022 

Thailand’s robust initiatives towards a sustainable digital economy

It brings together disruptors and connected parties in addition to financial institutions, making it the most major annual event for encouraging sustainable innovation. Leaders and decision-makers will have access to the latest perspectives on transformational problems affecting the financial services industry throughout the event’s sessions.

Finance Philippines – 22nd September 2022 

Philippines’ digitisation journey – reinforcing sustainable innovation in the financial ecosystem 

Not just among financial institutions but also among disruptors and other associated stakeholders, it is the most significant annual conference for fostering sustainable innovation. The event will feature a day of in-depth discussions on the current trends that are reshaping the financial services sector. Senior executives from banks, financial institutions, fintech, and important technology startups are invited to attend.

Topical Conferences 

The future of digital banking – From growth to sustainable profitability

The rapid digitalization of banks and the advent of new digital enterprises have had a significant impact on the global financial system. The COVID-19 epidemic has also influenced customers’ propensity for using remote and internet financial services.

With innovative, individualised solutions, greenfield cloud-native digital banks can enter the market more quickly and target consumer categories that existing institutions have up till now ignored. These digital competitors find it challenging to convert customers into profitable relationships despite their capacity to attract customers quickly and in large numbers.

This Radio Finance segment on product stickiness, time to market, and customised customer experiences will examine how these factors may support both market leaders and challengers in achieving long-term growth and profitability.

Therefore, if you want to have a complete understanding of the Banking and Financial Services Industry, we advise you to join The Asian Banker’s Banking Conferences in 2022.