Belts Leather belts are more than an accessory. They not just help complete an ensemble but also effortlessly elevates the style quotient. However, with so many different styles of men’s belts and brands available, it might be difficult to find a belt that suits your style. Thus, here are some major aspects you should take into account while selecting your new belt. 

How to Pick Out a Belt

The following are some of the major aspects you should consider when buying a high-quality men’s leather belt:

  • Your personal style should match the belt. 
  • Pick a belt you will often wear. 
  • The belt’s craftsmanship and the materials used in its manufacture.
  • The shade of leather.
  • Go for a size that fits perfectly. 

Different Types of Belts to Choose From

Leather belts are a go-to men’s accessory. You can find them in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. 

  • For formal events or business meetings, men’s dress belts are a great option. They are generally 1-14″ broad to fit through the belt loops of formal pants. These belts are classy and complement your outfits and accessories. Men often go for a colour that complements their outfits, such as black. In addition, the buckle lends a stylish and sophisticated touch to your ensemble. Montblanc, a famous luxury goods brand, is known for its premium range of dress belts. 
  • Casual belts are often teamed up with jeans, t-shirts or other everyday clothing items. They are typically 1-12″ wide to fit through the belt loops of casual bottom wear. A casual belt may not be the best choice for every formal occasion, but with the right accessories, you may get a dressier look.

Belt and Leather Quality

A leather belt’s quality can be determined by touch. Belt weight and thickness are reliable signs of quality. Cheap and artificial materials are often used in belts. However, they are not durable. The belt will wear better over time if it is heavier, as high-quality materials ensure longevity. 

The best leather belts for men are strong yet comfortable enough to wear all day. You can also determine the quality of belts for men based on the brand. Johnson Watch Company houses an extensive range of durable yet stylish leather belts for men from luxury brands

Belt Colours

Black and brown are the two hues that leather belts are most frequently found in. Although less popular, grey belts are still quite useful.

The most popular colour used to make leather accessories like belts is black. Black belts go well with lighter or monotone-coloured apparel when worn on a regular basis. Their elegant aesthetic is suitable for both formal and casual attire. 

For those who prefer a more rugged style, brown belts go well with neutral or earth tones. They are the second most popular belt colour and make the ideal belt for jeans or casual outfits.