Using a database is an essential task. The ability to manage records and extract the necessary data from any part of the database becomes more extensive with each new piece of data added. Excel is an excellent tool for efficiently storing and extracting data while keeping the struggle in mind. It works well for all data-driven purposes.

How can you use an Excel filter?

The drop-down arrow appears on each column’s heading to start the procedure. With Excel, you may enable filter in three different ways. You can decide on one based on your preferences and requirements. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

  1. Filtering option under the Home tab: Choose a cell from the table. A ‘Sort & Filter’ option may be seen under the Home tab. Go to the drop-down list and choose “Filter.”
  2. Choose a cell from the record using the filter option in the Data tab. There is a ‘Filter’ option marked under the Data tab. You can see the drop-down menu on each column header by clicking on it.
  3. Using quick-access keys: Choose one of the following approaches and select any cell from the record:
  • Alt + A + T
  • Ctrl + Shift + L


How do you filter data in Excel?

Let’s look at an example to comprehend the entire mechanism better. The business sells a wide variety of clothing for both men and women. The record contains the Order Number, Date, Customer Name, Bought Item, and Payment Amount. Although filtering data is always complex, excel makes it simple for everyone to comprehend. Below are examples for each filter option to help clarify each concept. You can experiment with them and learn how to put them into practice.

  • The concat function excel=CONCATENATE () returns a single string containing the values of all the cells.
  • The excel max function=MAX () returns the highest value in a given range.
  • Min function excel=MIN () returns the lowest value discovered in the range.

The MID function in Microsoft Excel removes a substring from a string (starting at any position).

The Excel built-in function known as MID falls within the String/Text Function category. It can be used in Excel as a VBA function (VBA) and a worksheet function (WS). The MID function is a worksheet function that can be used as a formula component in a worksheet cell.

Excel absolute value, found in the Math and Trig category of the Insert function, can be used to calculate absolute value. Any negative value, whether an integer or a decimal number, has a positive form called absolute value. Choose the ABS function from the Insert function menu in Excel’s Formula menu tab to utilize it.

TRIM function in Excel

The leading, trailing, and double spaces in a dataset need to be eliminated, and this is when the excel trim Function shines.

To quickly copy all of the formatting from one cell to another, use the format painter excel. Without having to spend a lot of effort duplicating the formatting in each cell, this helps maintain consistency.

Use the Format Painter’s single-click function to choose a cell, copy its formatting, and then click another cell to paste it. To paste the formatting to multiple cells, you can also click and drag over a group of cells.