Every curl is different. But it is clear that you can nourish, hydrate, and repair them with natural ingredients in Natural Cosmetics Products. Although it sounds amazing, talking about curly hair, in general, needs to be corrected. There are different types of curls for split ends black hair; you can distinguish three: type 2 or wavy, type 3 or curly, and type 4 or afro.

  1. Hair Type 2 – Wavy

It presents S-shaped waves. It is among the different types of curls. It usually has a lot of shine and is easy to work with. In this case, the deep hydration kit is ideal for washing. The frequency will depend on whether you have a greasy or dry scalp. For styling and definition, they recommend the use of their styling cream as it is a light product and allows frizz to be controlled without giving the sensation of being weighed down.

  • Type A: waves appear from the mid-lengths to the ends. It is gleaming. It is usually thin and with little volume.
  • Type B: the waves are born closer to the roots, it loses definition quickly and tends to frizz in the upper part of the head.
  • Type C: gives rise to waves and curls formed from the roots. It is the thickest of all the wavy ones. It loses definition more easily and supports drying and ironing very well.
  1. Hair Type 3 – Curly

This type of hair features S-shaped curls and much defined ringlets. It turns out to be very soft to the touch, and although it may not seem so at first glance, it is the one that suffers the most from humidity. They will help you fight frizz, nourish it in depth, and control that rebelliousness that sometimes presents protective styles for natural short hair.

  • Type A: Mixed with some waves but generally defined bouncy curls.
  • Type B: S-shaped curls, but smaller in size than type A. It has much less shine than the wavy hair type and the former curly hair type.
  • Type C: the curls are corkscrew-shaped, although they coexist with some larger ones—the thickest among the types of curly hair and the one with the most volume. Of course, it curls very quickly.
  1. Afro Hair

Also known as ethnic. It includes a 4c afro hair. It has a rough feel and is brittle and spongy in appearance. In this case, for washing, they recommend their deep hydration kit. In this case, they have specially included pre-drops of lanolin for greater hair hydration.

  • Type A: S-shaped curls about the size of a crochet hook. Fragile hair, since it has less natural protection than other types of curls.
  • Type B: types of Z-shaped curls. They can shrink their length by 75%. Its texture varies from coarse to fine since it does not have a homogeneous shape. Being so curly, it is rough to the touch.
  • Type C: also shrinks its length by 75%. The curl varies between thick and fine and has a homogeneous shape. It needs more definition.