There are quite a few options around when it comes to tool carrying and storage accessories, but the most common is a tool box or tool kit.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. We’ll do a comparison of tool boxes and tool bags to try to figure out which one is right for you.

Tool Box Vs Tool Bag

First, let’s briefly sort out the pros and cons of tool bags and toolboxes.

Tool Bag


-Very portable

-Lots of storage space


-Good for lots of small tools

-Fairly inexpensive


-Not that durable

-Not great for tool safety

-Don’t lock

Tool Box


-Very durable

-Keep tools safe

-Can lock

-Good for organization

-Can usually gold a fair number of tools


-Not as good for portability

-Can be very expensive

But this is all very general and may not apply to a specific toolbox or tool bag. Therefore, our comparison of the two storage options also focuses only on important considerations, such as storage capacity, portability, weight, size, etc.


There are some pretty durable tool bags available these days. These can be made from many different materials, often using sturdy synthetic materials. However, the durability of fabric is still worse compared to the metal materials commonly used in toolboxes. Also, due to the presence of sewn seams on tool bags, they may tear when they are subjected to too much weight.

Toolboxes are usually made of plain steel, stainless steel, aluminum or other tough metals. It’s heavier than fabric and probably less portable, but if durability is what you’re after, a toolbox is a good choice.


Portability is usually a pretty big deal as well. Everyone wants a portable tool to carry and store items. You want something that isn’t too heavy, can be carried easily, and won’t get in your way when you’re moving from one job site to another. So, which is easier to carry, a tool bag or a tool box?

Tool bags are definitely very portable. Their fabric construction makes them fairly lightweight, which is always nice when hauling around tools. Also, tool bags are usually not that big, making them easier to carry. Plus, tool bags have straps, so you can easily hold them in one hand, or sling them over your shoulder.

Toolboxes tend to be quite heavy, much heavier than tool bags, due to their metal construction.

In addition, toolboxes are square and bulky, which can make them awkward to carry. Yes, toolboxes usually have some sort of carry handle for carrying, but they also tend to be a bit awkward to handle.

3.Storage and Organization

The last feature we’ll talk about is storage and organization. After all, the point of both toolboxes and tool bags is to store and transport your tools in an organized manner. So, in this sense, which is better, a toolbox or a tool bag?

When it comes to storage, tool bags are decent. These things usually have one large internal pocket, many smaller internal pockets, and many external pockets. They can hold a fair amount of tools, but they are usually better suited for smaller tools.

Also, in terms of organization, tool pouches are OK, but not the best. However, tool bags tend to be quite roomy, which is what many people like.

When it comes to tool organization, toolboxes are absolutely top notch. They usually have several different levels and compartments to store tools. With these things, keeping your tools organized is often easy. In terms of storage space, it depends on the size of the toolbox you get.