Cryptocurrency trading is similar to trading on a stock exchange, but is only available on cryptocurrency exchanges. Many of these exchanges use a tiered fee structure based on the user’s 30-day trading volume. To maximize profits, it is important to understand and compare the fees associated with different exchanges.


Cryptocurrency exchange fees can vary greatly from one platform to another. Some charge a flat fee for all trades, while others charge a percentage of the trade amount. Some exchanges also offer discounts for high volume traders or for users with certain types of memberships.


Here are a few examples of cryptocurrency exchange fees:


Kraken: 0.16% for makers and 0.26% for takers on most trades, with discounts available for users who hold the exchange’s native token (XBT) or who trade large volumes.


BingX: As low as 0.075% for makers and takers on most trades.


Please see the table below for a quick overview:

Exchange/ Fees Kraken BingX
Maker Fee 0.16% 0.075%
Taker Fee 0.26% 0.075%


It is important to keep in mind that these fees may change over time. Always check the current fee schedule for the exchange you are considering using, and compare fees across different exchanges to find the most competitive rates.