Businesses can use a Cyber security stress test to evaluate their readiness to deal with cyber threats. Here are just a few instances of exploratory stress testing that use out-of-the-ordinary conditions: A huge number of people are trying to access the app at once. When the website’s front-end attempts to connect to the associated database, the database immediately closes down. The database continues to receive massive amounts of new data. Here are four of the best ways to test your plan for cyber resilience:

  • Get everybody on the same page:

When developing and testing a strategy for cyber resilience, top-level management buy-in is the first and most important phase, just as it is for any other major project. According to one cyber security expert, Sophos Security leaders must adequately plan for and fight against threats. Everyone in the company needs to be familiar with the strategy and know their part in executing it, as cyber security is an issue that impacts everyone.

  • Run a security scan:

Vulnerabilities are “weak points” in a computer system that hackers could exploit. By conducting a vulnerability scan (or assessment), firms can determine which areas of their infrastructure are most susceptible to attack and, as a result, require the greatest attention in their cyber resilience strategy.

  • Conduct digital simulations:

Cyber simulations, as described by Deloitte, are participatory tactics that put people in the middle of a fake attack and have them assess how well their business would respond. Organizations may wish to check for certain types of assaults, including phishing emails (fraudulent emails designed to trick recipients into divulging sensitive information) and dangerous attachments (documents that appear legal but are a virus or malware).

  • Evaluate your strategy and make adjustments as needed:

According to another cyber security expert, “there is no use performing simulated attacks if they will play no part in optimizing the incident response systems.” Examine the successes and failures of your reaction strategy. Locate the problem locations and make the required changes.

Before making the change, it’s important to get ready.

Depending on the kind of devices you have set up at home or in the workplace, there are a few things you should think about before scheduling your Switch to NBN.

Certain currently used devices may be incompatible with the forthcoming nbn network due to the introduction of new fiber-based technologies. Such examples are as follows:

  • Medical alarms
  • EFTPOS machines
  • Auto diallers
  • Call buttons for emergencies
  • Checked fire alarms
  • Security monitoring systems for homes or businesses
  • Raise emergency phones
  • Health claims terminals
  • Fax machines and teletypewriters

Suppose you own any of the gadgets above. In that case, it is recommended that you get in touch with the manufacturer to inquire whether the item will continue to function after the nbn switch is made and, if not, what alternatives are available.


If you need additional information about any of the devices above—especially medical alarms and emergency call buttons—contact your potential nbn provider. In this scenario, you’ll need to select a nbn company that supports Priority Support. Sophos is decent antivirus software. Given its long availability history, users can feel confident in their anti-malware and Sophos antivirus Brisbane knowledge.