Inventory management is an extremely critical and crucial part of a business’s management. Tracking the sales, purchases, and stock available can help businesses improve sales and generate huge revenue.

Vtiger’s inventory management extension allows administrators to streamline inventory management and dedicate more attention to lead generation. Read the article below to know the power of inventory add-on in Vtiger CRM.

Table of contents:

  1. Inventory Management for Businesses.
  2. Vtiger Inventory Add-on.
  3. The components of Vtiger Inventory Add-on.
  4. Conclusion


Inventory Management for businesses:

Vtiger is a feature-rich customer relationship management software tool that assists many companies globally in their business management and customer interactions. Offering extensive tools and additional extensions to enhance the workflow and streamline operations.

Inventory management is one of the very critical steps for businesses to generate leads and win over their customers. Automating the order procedures can help businesses upskill their management game and boost sales. This includes the creation and tracking of sales orders, management of purchase orders, creating invoices, dealing with customer requirements, and ensuring the availability of stock.


Vtiger Inventory Add-on:

Vtiger provides an additional inventory add-on for businesses that deal with goods manufacturing, selling, and purchasing. Through Vtiger CRM you can smoothly manufacture, dispatch and deliver your products, ensuring your customer’s satisfaction. The add-on is activated when an order is placed or delivered to make changes in the stock. The Vtiger extension lends a helping hand to the sales manager in managing the inventory effectively. In this way, the sales team can collaborate easily via Vtiger and offer reliable services to the customers.


The components of the Vtiger Inventory Add-on:

Now, let’s discuss the main components of Inventory management extension by Vtiger:

  1. Creating Sales order: Within Vtiger the sales team can automate sales order creation using workflow features. The sales order is the final document sent to the customer before the order which contains all the details including quantity, price, and other information.
  2. Creation of Purchase order: Purchase order is another component of the inventory module which is created and sent to the vendor when buying any product. The purchase order has all the details of the order such as quantity, specification, and price.
  3. Bills: Vtiger allows you to automate bill creation from the purchase order using a workflow feature. The bill is the final payment that is to be paid by the customers.
  4. Invoices Automation: To get the payment from the customers an invoice is created which is a non-negotiable payment.
  5. Delivery Note: The delivery note is a document that contains all the information regarding the order placed by the customer.
  6. Receipt note: It is a secret document created to match the purchase order.
  7. Credit notes: It is a customer review that they create when they are not satisfied with the order. It contains the amount that is to be refunded to the customers.
  8. Sales Return: The return of sold orders from customers is included in the sales return. The sales return is managed with a Vtiger inventory add-on to ensure client satisfaction.
  9. Purchase return: The purchase return is the opposite of a sales return; it is the return of sold goods to the vendors.
  10. Stock adjustment: Maintaining the stock and making sure to have enough stock which is not extra is essential to save capital and the team’s effort.
  11. Stock Reservation: It is a feature of the Vtiger inventory add-on for customers to reserve their products for later use.

The inventory add-on is a smart way to manage the stock and track the order. It is used by businesses to automate inventory management and optimize the speed of order completion and delivery. Using this Vtiger extension businesses have enhanced their order management.



Vtiger extensions are additional features that are not included in the default version of Vtiger. However, they can be easily configured to amplify productivity and take your management game to the next level. From email marketing to document designing and management, multiple extensions are available easily to maximize your management capability in an affordable pricing package. Vtiger inventory add-on is a suitable extension for goods manufacturing companies to interact with vendors and customers and automate order management.