For years, pressed powder has served as the most versatile and essential makeup product. Compact powders have helped us to set foundation and concealer, blurring imperfections and giving the skin a refined appearance. With their ability to create a flawless and polished look, pressed powders have become an indispensable tool in every makeup lover’s kit, enhancing our natural beauty and boosting our confidence in our appearance.   

What exactly is a hardpan on your compact face powder?  

Whenever you notice that the surface of the powder becomes hardened and resistant to picking up product with a makeup brush or sponge, this hard film layer is called a hardpan. This issue typically arises when the natural oils from the skin or the moisture from the air penetrate the top layer of the pressed powder, causing it to solidify. As a result, the once smooth and soft texture of the powder turns into an unyielding surface, making it challenging to access the product underneath.  

The Hardpan Hack: Bringing Your Powder Back to Life  

Here is how you can save your compact powders from hardpan-   

Step 1: Clean Your Brush – Start by thoroughly cleaning the makeup brushes that you use the most. Any oils or residues on the brush can contribute to the formation of a hardpan on your powder. You can use a brush cleaner, makeup remover, or even a mild soap and water solution to clean the bristles. Once cleaned, let the brush air-dry completely before using it on your pressed powder.  

Step 2: Tape the Surface – Take a small piece of scotch tape and gently press it onto the surface of the hardened powder. Lightly pat the tape over the entire compact to lift the top layer of the product. The adhesive on the tape will pick up the hardened layer, revealing the fresh, untouched powder underneath.  

Step 3: Buff with Tissue – After removing the tape, take a clean, dry tissue and gently buff the surface of the powder. This helps to further remove any remaining hardpan and even out the texture of the powder.  

Now, your pressed powder should now be as good as new. The hardpan hack effectively restores the original texture and usability of the product. Now make sure to follow these preventive measures to avoid hardpan on your favorite compact face powder-  

  • Use a Clean Brush: Make sure you use a clean brush every time you do your makeup. So, regularly clean your makeup brushes to prevent the transfer of oils and residues onto your pressed powder.  
  • Avoid Applying Directly from Foundation or Concealer: If you use the same brush for your foundation or concealer and pressed powder, make sure to wipe off any excess product before dipping it into the powder.  
  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Store your makeup products in a cool and dry environment to prevent moisture from affecting the texture of the powder.   
  • Use a Powder Puff: If you find that using a brush leads to a hardpan, try using a powder puff or sponge to apply the powder. This method minimizes the transfer of oils from the skin onto the product.  
  • Keep the Lid Closed Tightly: This is the most important tip to prevent a hardpan. Always close the compact lid tightly after use to prevent the entry of moisture or other contaminants.  

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