Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien is a premium urban area in Vietnam offering luxurious riverside villas that boast beautiful and captivating designs reminiscent of the stunning Venice city in Italy. The villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside are at par with the high-class villa projects in the world. These villas provide an escape from the hectic life of work and offer an opportunity to live a self-sufficient lifestyle amidst one of the most picturesque landscapes of the project.

Overview of the Vinhomes Riverside Project

  • Name: Vinhomes Riverside
  • Investor: Saidong Urban Development and Investment JSC, a Vingroup affiliate, the leading investor in Vietnam
  • Location: Phuc Loi Ward, Phuc Dong, Viet Hung, Long Bien District, Hanoi
  • Scale: Vinhomes Riverside has a total area of 183.5 hectares and is a villa ensemble of the urban area.
  • Ownership: Forever for Vietnamese
  • Financial Support: Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Techcombank

Villas/Houses for Rent in Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien

  • Vinhomes Riverside villa system: Queen’s Crape-myrtle (Bang Lang) Villas, Flamboyant (Hoa Phuong) Villas, Milk-white Flower (Hoa Sua) Villas, Orchid (Hoa Lan) Villas, and Sakura (Anh Dao) Villas.
  • Types of Villas: Detached and semi-detached villas with 3 or more bedrooms
  • Villa Area: Ranging from 111m2 to 2000m2
  • Villa Status: Completed with basic furniture, customers can choose furnished or unfurnished villas.
  • Facilities and Services upon Request: Cleaning services, gardening services, internet, cable TV, etc.

Leasing fees for Villas for Rent in Vinhomes Riverside range from $1000 to $7000, depending on the area, interior design, and the agreement between the tenant and landlord. The cost to own a villa for sale in Vinhomes Riverside ranges from 68 million to 200 million Vietnamese dong per square meter.

Each villa is designed with a romantic neoclassical architecture style in international standards, offering unique and luxurious spaces for people living in Vinhomes Riverside. Details of the five main villa zones are as follows:

  • Hoa Phuong Villas: 226 villas with six areas from HP1 to HP6, sizes ranging from 200m2 to 600m2.
  • Hoa Lan Villas: 219 villas with nine areas from HL1 to HL9, sizes ranging from 190m2 to 526m2.
  • Bang Lang Villas: 90 villas with 12 areas from BL1 to BL12, sizes ranging from 250m2 to 900m2.
  • Anh Dao Villa: 366 villas with eight areas, sizes ranging from 145m2 to 300m2.
  • Hoa Sua Villas: Over 300 villas with 11 areas from HS1 to HS11, sizes ranging from 200m2 to 350m2.

All villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside offer breathtaking river views, surrounded by private lovely gardens and beautiful man-made canal systems, creating a fresh and tranquil living environment for all residents.

Amenities That You Inherit When Renting Villas in Vinhomes Riverside Vinhomes Riverside offers residents peaceful and luxurious living spaces surrounded by lush gardens and charming lakes and canals. Additionally, residents can enjoy outstanding amenities with international standards such as an international school, shopping mall, cinema, gym, spa, outdoor/indoor swimming pool, golf court, tennis court, and more.

The beautiful landscape of rivers