Discover the allure of Vinhomes Riverside: Affordable luxury homes in the heart of Hanoi For Hanoi buyers seeking more accessible properties in one of the city’s most prestigious suburbs, Vinhomes Riverside has emerged as a compelling option, offering a luxurious living experience for affluent individuals.
Nestled in a prime location, Vinhomes Riverside features a range of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Vinhomes Riverside – Affordable luxury homes

Khu đô thị Vinhomes Riverside Long Biên
Beyond the exquisite houses within Vinhomes Riverside, residents can take full advantage of the surrounding amenities, including shops, restaurants, and the charming harbor village.
Vinhomes Riverside has garnered recognition as a benchmark development in the Long Bien district. It has earned numerous accolades, including the International Property Award for The Best Global Property. This prestigious recognition reflects Vinhomes’ commitment to sustainable design-led projects that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.
While Vinhomes Riverside homes effortlessly embody luxury and style, the location in Long Bien further enhances its appeal. Often regarded as one of the finest suburbs in Hanoi, Long Bien offers an exceptional living environment.
Taking inspiration from the unique “city on the river” concept of Venice, Italy, Vinhomes Riverside stands as an urban ecological area spread across an expansive 70 hectares. The development boasts lush green spaces, a 12.4-hectare lake, and an approximately 18.6-kilometer canal. Each resident of Vinhomes Riverside is treated to a generous green space density of 60-70 square meters per person, surpassing the averages found in developed countries such as Singapore (30.3 square meters per person), Germany (50 square meters per person), or Russia (44 square meters per person).
Furthermore, the meticulously planned internal amenities within the Riverside urban area have earned it a stellar reputation. With its exceptional advantages, Vinhomes Riverside offers a harmonious lifestyle that seamlessly integrates with nature, rivaling international real estate projects in terms of quality.
Residents of Vinhomes Riverside can enjoy a plethora of amenities within the development, ensuring a complete living experience for the modern community. Notable facilities include the Vincom Plaza Long Bien Shopping Center, Vinschool International Multilevel School, BIS International School, Almaz Conference and International Cuisine Center, Vinhomes Health Club, outdoor swimming pool, sports complex featuring golf, tennis, and football fields, children’s playground, Jura Park, BBQ garden, and the tranquil Reading Island.

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