The idea was further developed into D2R Items, where instead of hiring mercenaries to help you, you obtained three companions in the story quest. You could choose from the Scoundrel Sorceress, and Templar, who represented different aspects of DPS tank, ranged DPS, as well as magic player respectively.In my Diablo 4 adventure I only encountered friendly NPCs that hung in the dungeon for an hour or two then rode of into the sunset. When I asked Jackson how the game’s follower system works, they stated “for the version that launched the game , there are certain locations in the story in particular where you’ll encounter certain known NPCs who will follow you and help you to figure out what Lilith is up to within the realm of.

“We don’t have any news to reveal about the Diablo 2 follower you’ve hired – – we’re going to stick to the campaign for now.” Accent on the moment for now.

With a wry smile they continue “stay in the loop, we may have something in the future to announce , but no guarantees.” This instantly prompted an answer from the producer of dungeons, Ash Sweetring, who channelled her the Mister. Burns with an ‘interesting hand motion on the screen. That’s what I call sus.If any version of the follower-based system makes it into Diablo 4, I would rather it was the hired gun of Diablo 2 instead of the ubiquitous followers. I was impressed by the variety of abilities that followers provided in Diablo 2 and would love to see this reimagined. It allows for even more opportunities for different designs, and amazing demon-slaying ability chains.

But for the time being you might want to read up on the classes in Diablo 4, since these are the classes we’ll playing as the primary. In an interview with Game director Joe Shely, however, it was mentioned that the roster could expand in the future since it’s not like there’s a permanent thing in Sanctuary.

The principal developers of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items have stressed that they do not want players to “feel that they are able to pay to win” as the game comes out next year.