While inspecting a skill’s Tripods, hold Alt to inspect its PvP Lost Ark Gold stats. Some Tripods have different values for PvP, so bear this in mind.

Weapons and armor in Lost Ark’s endgame can also roll with modifiers that enhance the ranks of a particular Tripod. Most Tripods that have multiple ranks have a rank cap of five. It’s also worth noting that the beneifts provided by Tripod bonuses on gear will only apply if that Tripod is currently selected.

For example, if you get an armor piece that grants +3 Magick Control to Cruel Cutter, you’ll need to have the Magick Control Tripod currently active on Cruel Cutter to receive any benefit; it doesn’t activate that Tripod on its own.

What Are The Best Tripods? via Smilegate

There aren’t any, at least not for every class. Each skill in Lost Ark has unique Tripods that vary in usefulness, even if similar Tripods exist on multiple classes. We recommend that you find build guides for your class of choice to get an idea of which Tripods you should be using.

If you want some examples of what endgame Tripod setups look like, give some of our endgame build guides a look:

Paladin Builds And Tripods Gunslinger Builds And Tripods Soulfist Builds And Tripods

For more build guides and information pertaining to Lost Ark, give our hub page a look. And if you don’t even know which class to start as, we have you covered.

The West Luterra continent of Lost Ark has a total of seven vistas to visit. They’re well spread out, with no more than one in any area and two of them being in dungeons. If you’re trying to get to them all to help complete your Adventurer’s Tome, you’ll find details of how to find them all below.

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The West Luterra Tome is worth getting to 70 percent relatively quickly, as you’ll get the ‘Stretch’ emote — which is useful both in certain quests and for rapport. You’ll also pick up both a rare and epic card on the way. Vistas are a guaranteed chunk of the Tome and are relatively easy to complete, so they’re well worth investing a little time in.

THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY Battlebound Plains – Battlebound Plains Vista Location

Starting from the Front Outpost Triport, head along the north path towards the Luterra Castle portal. You’ll pass through an area that opens up, and is full of demons. Just as you leave, still heading north, the Battlebound Plains vista is on the left of the path.

Gray Hammer Mine – Grayhammer Mine Dungeon Vista Location

Head into the dungeon, down the lift, and through the guarded gate. Keep heading north until you get to the big battle just before the minecart garage. After defeating the enemies here buy Gold Lost Ark, but before getting in the mine cart, you’ll find the Grayhammer Mine vista in the northwest corner of this area.