There are numerous ways to overcome the problems people generally face while speaking English. I met various people in life, and being a psychology student, I myself interacted with so many different personalities facing diverse problems expressing themselves in a formal atmosphere. The problems people generally face are:


  1. Lack of vocabulary
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Accent
  4. Stammering
  5. Incorrect sentence structures
  6. Using incorrect grammar
  7. Hesitation
  8. Difficulty in understanding and listening to English


The real challenge is figuring out how to overcome them. We had to interact with high-profile people during my psychology course, and I had also encountered the problems mentioned above.


  1. Loud reading of 1 paragraph for a week (of any novel, magazine, or newspaper)

(Improves pronunciation)


  1. Choose five difficult words, find meaning, and make sentences.

(Improves vocabulary)


  1. Speak in English as much as possible.

(Removes hesitation)


  1. Watch English cartoons, the Discovery Channel, movies, music, and news (summarize it in the class).

Improves English listening skills


  1. Describe your daily routine or any special events in English to someone.

(Boosts confidence)


  1. Tell someone about today’s weather or any important news in English.

(Boosts confidence)


  1. Practice one tongue-twister in English for a week and then another one next week.

(Removes stammering and improves fluency.)


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