In astrology, “Sasa Yoga” is a combination or planetary conjunction that can have both positive and negative effects, depending on the specific planetary positions and the overall chart of an individual. The term “Sasa” is derived from the Sanskrit word for “hare,” and this yoga is named after the shape that the planets involved make in the sky, which is said to resemble the ears of a hare.

Sasa Yoga is primarily associated with Saturn (Shani) and is formed when Saturn is in conjunction with the Moon or Mars in a birth chart. Here’s how it works:

When Saturn is in conjunction with the Moon: This conjunction can create a Sasa Yoga. The Moon represents emotions, mind, and instincts, while Saturn represents discipline, structure, and responsibility. When these two planets come together, it can lead to a struggle between emotions and rational thinking. Individuals with this combination may be emotionally reserved, disciplined, and have a strong sense of duty, but they can also experience inner conflicts and difficulty expressing their feelings. Consult your janam kundli free from our Vedic experts.

When Saturn is in conjunction with Mars: Another form of Sasa Yoga occurs when Saturn is in conjunction with Mars. Mars represents energy, action, and aggression, while Saturn represents restriction and discipline. This combination can result in a conflicting energy where individuals may have the drive to take action and be assertive, but they may also face obstacles, delays, or frustrations in their pursuits.

Significance of Sasa Yog In Kundli

Here are some of the potential significances of Sasa Yoga in a kundli:

Discipline and Determination: Saturn is a planet associated with discipline, structure, and hard work. When Sasa Yoga is present, it can enhance a person’s sense of discipline and determination. Individuals with this combination may have the ability to set clear goals, work systematically, and persistently pursue their objectives. For more, you can also seek astrology online consultation.

Ambition and Drive: Depending on the strength and placement of Saturn and the other planets involved, individuals with Sasa Yoga can have a strong ambition and drive to succeed. They may be willing to put in the hard work required to achieve their goals, even if they encounter obstacles along the way.

Emotional Restraint: When Sasa Yoga involves the Moon, individuals may exhibit emotional restraint. They might find it challenging to express their feelings or may appear emotionally reserved. They may prioritize practical considerations over emotional impulses.

Persistence and Endurance: Sasa Yoga can bestow individuals with a high level of persistence and endurance. They are less likely to give up easily, even in the face of adversity. This can be an asset in achieving long-term goals.

Frustration and Delay: On the negative side, the presence of Sasa Yoga can sometimes indicate delays and frustrations in one’s pursuits. Saturn’s influence may create obstacles and limitations that individuals need to overcome through patience and hard work.

Conflict and Struggle: Sasa Yoga often involves the conjunction of Saturn with either the Moon or Mars, which can lead to internal conflicts and struggles. The emotional and impulsive nature of the Moon or the assertive and aggressive nature of Mars may clash with Saturn’s restrictive and disciplined energy. This can manifest as inner tension or external challenges in various aspects of life. Also, keep your monthly horoscope by date of birth in check.


Balanced Approach: Sasa Yoga may encourage individuals to find a balance between their emotional and practical sides. It can be a reminder to maintain discipline while addressing their emotional needs.

Effects of Sasa Yog in your birth chart 

If you have Sasa Yoga in your Kundli (birth chart), here are the potential effects and characteristics associated with it in brief:

Enhanced Discipline: Sasa Yoga can bestow you with a strong sense of discipline and structure in your life. Don’t forget to look for monthly rashifal.

Ambition and Drive: You are likely to have a strong ambition and drive to achieve your goals.

Inner Conflict: This combination may create inner conflicts, especially related to emotions and practical considerations.

Emotional Restraint: If the Moon is involved, you may exhibit emotional restraint and find it challenging to express your feelings.

Persistence and Endurance: You have the ability to persist and endure challenges, making you resilient.

Frustration and Delay: Sasa Yoga can also indicate delays and frustrations in your pursuits that require patience and hard work to overcome.

Balanced Approach: It encourages finding a balance between your emotional and practical sides.

Benefits of Sasa Yog in a person’s birth chart 

Sasa Yoga in a person’s birth chart brings discipline, ambition, and determination. It fosters a structured and resilient approach to life, enabling individuals to handle responsibilities effectively. Their practical mindset, enduring nature, and balanced emotional expression can lead to long-term success in various endeavors. For a personal consultation, you can contact and talk to astrologer online.