NFTs are absolutely versatile and have multiple different benefits of their own. They are basically digital assets that can either be in the form of videos, audios, images, and art, all the way to movie tickets and passes. These NFTs are sold on either general NFT marketplaces or sometimes specialized NFT marketplaces that cater to only one kind of audience, for example, a series of gaming NFTs will only be sold on gaming NFT marketplaces.

Where all NFTs are used:

  1. Music industry– These NFTs are used in the music industry to sell songs or small voice notes, that allow users to have a personal attachment to the singer/creator. Since they all are unique and one of a kind it makes them even more exclusive.
  2. Ticket NFTs– These NFTs are basically a substitute for regular tickets. The reason for that is quite simple. Regular tickets can either be forged or faked bit in the case of NFTs neither of that is possible. With this there would be lesser people who would tend to sneak into places and things like that.
  3. Gaming NFTs– these NFTs are basically the characters that are being used in-game. In other words, these NFTs can be used in games and can also allow users to earn as they play!


With that being said, these NFTs have started to gain massive popularity and have already become a force to reckon with. There are already several NFT marketplaces that are globally quite popular and are also frequented quite often. It is no joke that these NFTs are something that we need if we are to progress to the future and given how versatile they are, we are definitely going to see a lot of differences.