Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) removes excess breast tissue. The procedure may include liposuction, an excision (using larger incisions), or a combination of both. People choose to have this procedure to improve self-confidence, enhance their appearance, and reduce the discomfort that can result from larger breasts.

A type of breast reduction surgery, this procedure treats a condition called gynecomastia (enlarged male breast tissue). Gynecomastia in dubai can result from obesity and certain drugs or hormone changes that usually happen during adolescent development. But it can also affect older people as hormone levels shift. In severe cases, the excess breast tissue causes your breasts to sag and your areola (the dark skin that surrounds your nipple) to stretch.

This is an elective cosmetic surgery procedure. People choose this procedure to improve how they look and increase their self-esteem. Decreasing the size of their breast tissue can help them feel more comfortable in clothing. Some people choose the procedure to reduce pain and discomfort that can result from excess breast tissue.


Gynaecomastia Surgery is performed under general anesthetic

It does not involve an overnight hospital stay and you will be able to go home the same day

If the problem is mainly fat, then liposuction alone will be sufficient to remove the excess tissue. The incisions will be hidden under the armpit and in the areola.

If the issue is a mainly fibrous gland, then an incision will be made on the lower aspect of the areola and the gland removed.

A combination of fibrous and fatty breast tissue will require an approach that includes both chest liposuction and direct excision of the gland.

The approach to managing excess skin will depend on how much skin excess there is. For most cases of skin excess, an incision around the nipple and removal of skin in the shape of a doughnut ring is sufficient. If the skin excess is more significant then a more radical skin excision will be required leaving a longer scar and the replacement of the nipple to its original position as a skin graft

What is the recovery time after getting gynecomastia surgery?

You can expect to feel very sore the first few days after gynecomastia surgery. The discomfort and tenderness should get better within a week or so. Most likely, you’ll be able to go back to work in about two weeks.

While you’re healing, follow your provider’s instructions carefully. Avoid lifting or carrying anything heavy and reaching your arms above your head.

Keep in mind that you may not see results for about three to six months following surgery. It takes time for your breast tissue to heal and for swelling to decrease. Results are permanent. But you may need more than one surgery to get your desired result.

What are the advantages of gynecomastia surgery?

Many people who have this surgery feel more confident and comfortable with how they look. They may enjoy being able to button a shirt without gaps. Or they may feel more satisfied with their appearance in a t-shirt or swimsuit. The weight of excess breast tissue can also cause discomfort or pain. After gynecomastia surgery, you may be able to jump, run and do activities that you found uncomfortable before.

What are the risks or complications of gynecomastia surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved with gynecomastia surgery. Complications include:

  • Blood clots or excessive bleeding.
  • Breasts that are not the same size or shape.
  • Bruises and scarring.
  • Infection.
  • Loss of sensation, numbness, or decreased sensitivity in your breast area.
  • Pain that doesn’t go away.

All breast reduction in dubai procedures leaves breast reduction scars. They will fade over time. But they never go away completely. In some cases, you may need another surgery to correct a problem or help you achieve the results you want. Your surgeon will discuss your options and risks with you.