We commonly observe that every second person buys an air conditioner to pass the summer season, especially for ease and comfort. But a lot of the time it happens that the first season is the best season of that ac and possibly the only season, in which an air conditioner gives its full performance and with the passage of time its parts starting lag behind or their performance and the cooling effect becomes low that’s why we need AC repair Springs and its maintenance with the time and for every season in order to work properly and give its full performance and efficiency.




Solutions to the Problem

The problems are varied and can be caused by different various reasons and the point is not to solve the problem but to take good care of your ac maintenance Springs in a way that could be useful for the next and upcoming seasons also. But before this, you need to know why these problems happen.

Many users of ac run their air conditioners at the lowest temperature for as long as possible. By doing this, they should know that it won’t even cost them only money but the current condition of their ac material also deteriorates more rapidly.


Why choose Dream Cool for this job?


Most of the repair service providers mostly don’t bother taking care in the repair of the air conditioner and it ends up damaging other parts of the ac also they are not having licenses so they can create a lot of problems not for themselves but also for you people

On the other hand, we are officially acknowledged by the state and we tell you all about how to use your ac in ideal condition as well as we have an experienced staff to take good care of your air conditioner and also its main parts and guide you well about the compressor even and the whole body of you ac that how should you handle it and runs it for a long period of time.

The compressor is like a heart of an ac it should take care of properly in order to work properly, it’s not that we can only give you qualified technicians to repair it the thing which we worry about is the amount of money and time you give and still don’t get satisfactory results and then still you require your ac to be fixed enough soon. We also let you be aware of the electric load conditions and th, heat load conditions sizing of an air conditioner.



Our Services

Dream cool can provide you with new ac for sale and also provide you the repair and maintenance services at very affordable prices plus we give you satisfactory results also because we care about customer feedback some of the following services we provide are listed below


  1. Ac installation in Dubai
  2. Maintenance in Dubai
  • Repair services in Dubai
  1. Providing different types of split ac in Dubai
  2. Air duct cleaning in Dubai
  3. Maintenance program
  • Industrial and commercial