Emaar Capital Tower - Commercial Office Space for Rent and Sale in Sector 36 Gurugram

Why is Emaar Capital Towers the smart choice for ready-to-move office spaces in Gurgaon?

A ready-to-move office is a commercial space where the interiors of the office have been designed by a professional builder, ready-made for the consumer to move their businesses into. The office space is furnished keeping the general requirements in mind, with the interiors designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Once the basic requisites for using the office space are met, it is entirely available for moving in one’s business with complete ease.

For organizations seeking ready-to-move retail and office spaces in Gurgaon, a variety of options are available to choose from. Prices vary depending on the location of the office space, the interior design and furnishings. Finding a suitable ready-to-move office space in Gurgaon needs some research to be done. However, Emaar has a number of premium commercial spaces that perfectly suit a business to flourish and grow big, while also providing first-rate facilities.


But, before that, let us see some reasons why ready-to-move office spaces are the most preferred choice for investing in retail & commercial projects in Gurugram.


Top-Notch Amenities 


Ready-to-move offices are growing in popularity as many small businesses realize they can save on their initial investment in infrastructure and furnishings. Businesses looking to relocate may want to have a ready-to-use office space as it offers many advantages over simply renting an office space. The office interiors consist of cubicles, conference and meeting rooms, leisure spaces, cafeteria and a number of decorated workspaces. The aesthetic value and quality of the furnishings provided by these commercial spaces are way superior to anything the organization may have gotten on their own.


Ideal for Interim Offices


These ready-to-move office spaces in Gurgaon are perfect for businesses that are looking to build their own permanent office space, but seek for a temporary commercial space to continue operations. In case, one has an office space that is being refurbished or is under renovation, it is preferable to move into a ready-to-use office space where regular office work is not halted or affected in any way. These office spaces provide the best of facilities, along with a comfortable work environment. The pleasant interiors and workspace setup are perfect for a business to thrive in.


Eliminating the risks of uncertainty


Project delays are the biggest risks one can avoid by choosing to build their business in a ready-to-move office space. Developers typically set a deadline to complete the project within that time frame, but there are circumstances beyond the developer’s control that may cause some delays. However, with a ready-to-move office space, one does not have to waste their time by searching for the best commercial spaces to start their business.

Also, the uncertainty surrounding the construction quality, workstation interiors and space management may be eliminated in opting for a ready-to-move office space. This makes the choosing process much easier, giving you more security and confidence in your investment.


Why Emaar Capital Towers?


When we talk about the top ready-to-move office spaces in Gurgaon Sector 36, Emaar Capital Towers clearly set high standards of excellence in superior quality, sleek designs, top-notch facilities and efficient business operations. 


Due to the location efficiency of the commercial space with the integrated residential community, Emaar Capital Towers serve as the perfect business hub for offices, fashion and apparel stores, food outlets and boutiques, providing a unique blend of business and style.


The ideation behind Capital Tower’s identity reflects the unique nature of Millennium City Gurugram itself. Emaar Capital Towers is at the core of business prosperity, revelling in the luxury of world-class shopping arcades and office spaces. Ideally located along MG Road, Capital Towers offers an exciting world of business.


Emaar Capital Tower 1


The sparkling crystal exterior reflects the aura of a strategic corporate leader housed in a smart, efficient building. A discreet and congenial environment is built around cutting-edge technology and amenities, where the Emaar Capital Tower 1 sits gracefully on the border of two states.


Emaar Capital Tower 2


This project embodies a unique blend of function, form and style inspired by the best of international architectural designs. Emaar Capital Tower 2 is efficiently designed with lavish contemporary exteriors, encompassing a vast metropolitan area of ​​businesses and consumers.


Attractions of Emaar Capital Towers


  • Soundproof buildings
  • Zero decibel level power with air conditioning plants
  • 5 self-automated silent elevators
  • State of the art plug & play technology
  • External Glass Skin blocks heat and maintains a consistent internal ambient temperature
  • Sound muffling floors ensuring low noise interference


Location : Mehrauli – Gurgaon road, Sikanderpur, Sector 26, Gurugram 122002