Progressive web apps (PWAs) have emerged as a disruptive force in the world of enterprise app development. With their strengths in performance, engagement, and flexibility, PWAs have become a top choice for building enterprise solutions and enterprise mobility solutions.

Let’s take an in-depth look at why more and more companies are choosing PWAs over native apps.

  • Lightning-Fast Load Times

One of the biggest value propositions of PWAs is the lightening-fast load times they offer. PWAs load content instantly and reliably by leveraging service workers to cache key assets on the user’s device. 

Pages on a PWA can load anywhere from 3.8x faster compared to a traditional mobile website. This super-fast performance is enabled by the app shell architecture of PWAs that splits code into critical and non-critical chunks.

This speedy performance eliminates friction in the user experience, which is highly beneficial for enterprise solutions aimed at employees in the field or customers on-the-go. Workers can instantly access job orders, inventory information, invoices and more regardless of network conditions.

According to Google research, 53% of users will abandon a mobile site if it takes over 3 seconds to load. For enterprise mobility solutions where productivity is key, poor mobile performance can be unacceptable. PWAs deliver the snappy performance modern users expect.

High User Engagement Driven by App-Like Experience

Another big differentiator of PWAs is the app-like experience they provide. Unlike regular mobile websites, PWAs allow users to add them to their home screen and access app features like push notifications, fingerprint authentication etc. 

This native app-like experienc e drives higher user engagement as people are more likely to actively re-use a PWA compared to a website. The home screen icon and push notifications keep reminding users to come back to the app.

Data shows that Pinterest saw a 20% increase in session frequency per user after launching its PWA. AliExpress increased conversions by 104% within 7 months of switching to a PWA.

For enterprise solutions aimed at customers or employees, driving high engagement through an app-like experience can be hugely impactful for productivity, satisfaction, sales and other business metrics.

  • Reliable Access Even in Offline or Spotty Connectivity 

PWAs are designed to offer a reliable experience even when users have intermittent or no connectivity at all. 

This is enabled by two key capabilities:

  • Caching: PWAs cache and serve common assets directly from the local device so they load instantly even when offline. The service worker determines the caching strategy to make optimal use of storage space.
  • Background Sync: Data inputs by users are saved locally and synced back to servers when connection is restored. Users can continue browsing catalogs, submit orders etc. and be assured their data is safe.

This offline access can be invaluable for enterprise solutions used by field service agents, delivery personnel, retail employees etc. who often face spotty networks. Complex workflows do not break down due to lack of connectivity.

For global companies, offline-first PWAs can help expand their footprint into emerging markets where reliable connectivity cannot be taken for granted.

  • Cross-Platform Design for Easier Development 

Native apps need to be built separately for iOS and Android which inflates effort, timelines and costs. PWAs are designed to be responsive so they work seamlessly across desktop and mobile from just a single codebase.

This cross-platform capability significantly reduces the effort required for initial development. More importantly, it makes ongoing maintenance and updates simpler with just one codebase to manage across platforms.

The lower development costs and simplified code maintenance after launch are extremely beneficial advantages for enterprise solutions which require constant enhancement. Development resources can be optimized for innovation rather than repetitious work.

  • Enhanced Security and Access Control

PWAs give enterprises enhanced control and security compared to public app stores. All data transmission happens over secure HTTPS connections. 

Companies also control how the app is accessed and updated rather than relying on an external app store. Asset caching happens securely within a sandboxed service worker context. 

These security enhancements are highly attractive for enterprise mobility solutions dealing with sensitive corporate data accessed by remote employees. Companies can ensure data protection without relying completely on the public internet.

  • Responsive Design and Consistent Experience

PWAs are designed to be fully responsive so they automatically adapt and scale to the user’s screen size. This ensures a consistent UX whether employees use their desktop browsers, tablets or mobile devices.

Native apps often struggle to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile use cases which can hamper workforce productivity. PWAs deliver a unified experience irrespective of the device.

Real World Enterprise PWA Successes

Here are some real world examples of top brands that have adopted PWAs to power their enterprise solutions and mobility:

– Forbes launched a PWA news app that led to a 5X increase  in pages per session and 66% lower bounce rates.

– The Starbucks PWA handles over 60% of all traffic leading to better customer engagement.

– Fashion e-tailer Flipkart saw a 70% higher mobile conversion rate after switching to their PWA called Flipkart Lite.

These results demonstrate the tangible business benefits enterprises can realize by adopting PWAs for critical solutions.


PWAs enable teams to build secure, robust enterprise solutions that load blazingly fast, work offline, and deliver app-like engagement – all from a single cross-platform codebase.

With their advantages in performance, flexibility, security and user experience, PWAs have clearly emerged as a top modern choice for enterprise app development.

To explore how PWAs can benefit your enterprise mobility initiatives, contact the experts at Consagous Technologies. Leverage our deep expertise in building cutting-edge progressive web apps to take your enterprise mobility solutions to the next level.