We use sunscreen drops in a lot of ways- it could mean, you use it in the morning, for sport, for a night out, when you are outdoors, etc… However, it is vital to use it daily. This is because the skin doesn’t tan evenly. Skin tones get darker if sun exposure takes place more than once a day. To avoid such, we use sunscreen all the time. But, why does that have to be the case? You can apply sunscreen each morning on skin that hasn’t been exposed to the sun yet and still use it around the year, can’t you? The use of sunscreen in the summer will be more of a preventive approach. So, here are five reasons why we should apply sunscreen drops daily:

Reason 1: Prevent darkening

When skin is exposed to the sun, two things take place- melanin production and darkening. Melanin is what causes our skin to be dark and brown. On the other hand, it is the darkening of the skin that eventually gives us darker skin tones. However, when we use sunscreen drops, our skin is protected from the sun, as such, we don’t get darker shades. It is because our melanin production isn’t affected and hence the color of our skin remains the same.

Reason 2: It helps to protect our skin

When we use sunscreen drops we are also helping our skin to be protected from damage caused by the sun. Apart from the prevention of getting dark and ugly, it also helps to prevent wrinkles, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, skin cancer, and other skin damage.

Reason 3: Protects the ones around us

We use sunscreen drops for ourselves but also to protect our loved ones. It is a protective skin routine and prevents those close to us from getting too much exposure to the sun.

Reason 4: Protects one’s health

Using sunscreen drops helps to protect one’s health. It is the most obvious one but needs to be said. We know that the skin is the largest organ of our body and if it is exposed to the sun, our body’s DNA is damaged.

Reason 5: To help one get a glow

If we have the summer off, we can’t forget to apply sunscreen drops. Why not? The sun is out, after all. We want to look good in that sun-glowy light.

Sunscreen is a protective measure. It is our skin care product. You can use it for yourself and also protect others from the sun. It is safe to use and won’t hurt you even if you apply it on a skin area that hasn’t been exposed to the sun.

Sunscreen is a necessity during the year if you have been into the sun rays more than a few times. Sunscreens are useful throughout the year but it is recommended to use them more frequently during the summer months or whenever you spend a considerable amount of time under the sun.

It is the most effective way of protecting our skin. It gives us that extra layer of protection against the harmful rays of the sun. As the body ages, it becomes more fragile. Therefore it is not safe to leave it on your skin. The best thing is to put on good quality sunscreen to protect your skin and keep it healthy and looking beautiful.