Winter is here and while it is beautiful, some people often face winter blues during this period. It is common and can happen to the best of us. So, to avoid or minimize this, it’s recommended to set yourself a good winter season routine to kick away all the winter blues. While it can always vary for each person’s needs and preferences, here are some things you can add to your winter season routine.

Keep your room bright

This may be routine to some people, but others often prefer a darker room. While this is okay, occasionally finding time in the day to let in light in your house or room, especially in the morning is always a good idea. During the night, a great and relaxing way to keep your room bright is by lighting your favorite candle.


Keep moving

Sometimes, you need to get your blood pumping, especially since the cold winter air makes your warm, cozy bed even more irresistible. Exercise is known to help enhance mood, but also give you a boost of energy.

If exercise isn’t really for you, going out for a walk or even meeting friends might be a better choice. Going out for a walk with friends, watching a movie, or even having a meal together can really help in improving your mood during winter. It is also a great excuse to keep your body moving.

Stay hydrated

Another obvious but often overlooked thing to do is to stay hydrated. While water is a standard choice, herbal teas are also a great choice, maybe even better. Some teas offer many different health benefits. For example, green tea is great at detoxifying and clearing your gut system, while ginger teas are known to relieve pain and inflammation.

Add in slow moments in your day

Set aside some time to reflect and slow down, ideally in the morning the moment you wake up, or at night before bed. The aim of slowing down is to give yourself some time to reflect and think about the day. Often, people get lost in their fast-paced routine and get overwhelmed. Slowing down allows you to reset and rethink your priorities for the day.

Read a book

Another good way to slow the day down is by reading a book. Sometimes, getting too lost in our own thoughts isn’t always a good idea as it can lead to overthinking. Another good way to slow down is to read a book. Enhance your reading time by adding your favorite essential oil to a diffuser.

Have an aromatherapy bath or shower

Speaking of essential oils, they can also enhance your bath or shower time. Add a few drops to your shampoo or soap.

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