The key objective of an ergonomic office chair’s design is to provide maximum support and comfort to the human body when the body is subjected to extended periods of sitting down at the office which actually strains the body. The benefits of ergonomic office chairs is numerous and are generally related to health and as well as productivity. This article examines some of the more prominent benefits of office workers using ergonomic chairs.

Key Benefit #1 – Improved Posture                   

Among the more significant functions of an ergonomic office chair is the mechanics behind the chair’s design which advocates good posture. The design of the ergonomic chair helps support the ‘sitters’ natural curve of the spine which is important towards limiting the level of strain and discomfort that builds up on the back, neck, and shoulders. In short, maintaining good posture using proper chairs is critical towards prevention of musculoskeletal issues that may develop in the long term.

Key Benefit #2 – Comfort

The general structure and design ergonomic office chairs come with various adjustable features that helps ergonomic chair users to manage or adjust the support structure for the lumbar, arms and seat height according to the size and physical structure of the user. In other words, these features allow those using such chairs to customize the chair according to their body dimensions. This comfort is a critical factor towards reducing fatigue, discomfort which in turn optimises the productivity levels of the user.

Key Benefit #3 – Reducing Injury Risk

Most people are not aware of the fact that prolonged sitting in a regular office chair leads directly to a wide variety of health issues which include back pain, carpal tunnel, neck and shoulder strain which have the potential to eventually turn chronic. Ergonomic office chairs in essence prevent such physical health issues are reduce the potential for such injuries to set in attributed to sitting on regular office chairs for long periods of time.

Key Benefit #4 – Higher Productivity

When office employees feel comfortable in their own workstations they are able to focus on work and become more effective doing their tasks. Ergonomic office chairs and desks do exactly this (reduce discomfort) as they allow the worker to make specific adjustments that allow them to ‘fit chairs’ according to their body size and shape. This naturally improves productivity significantly and this in turn benefits both employees and employers.

Key Benefit #5 – Blood Circulation

What most people are not aware off is that regular office chairs have been found to restrict or reduce blood circulation mainly in the legs which lead to numbness and even swelling which cause serious discomfort. However, ergonomic office chairs are fitted with features such as ergonomic seat pans and adjustable height which allow users to maintain regular blood flow throughout the lower half of the body.

In summation it can be deemed that a good quality ergonomic office chair offers these mentioned benefits (improved posture, comfort, limit injuries, enhanced productivity, and improved blood circulation) which are critical to an office workers long-term health benefits.