If you are someone who has always stuck to basics and avoided adding prints and patterns to your wardrobe it’s time you try something innovative. On days you feel uninspired but do not want to lack, making a statement printed and patterned fabrics can be your savior. The new runway shows have been amping up patterns and prints changing the maximalist ideology that lingers in them and making statements to display the evolution of patterns and fabrics from vintage styles to modern ones.

Here are Five Modern Prints and Patterns you must have in your Wardrobe


  • Adding florals to your outfit can be the easiest way to add the extra ting of color or to simply look classic. Floral patterns made a statement in the year 2010 when brands like Thakoon, Versace, Carolina Herrera, etc. paired floral patterns with pastel block colors making it a trend. Since then, floral patterns have been going through various transition.
  • Some designers have particularly focused on using one single flower and some use a concoction of different flowers to incorporate more colors and patterns. Depending upon the choice of the customer floral prints can be either kept subtle by choosing a pattern with fewer flowers and one color incorporation or can be used to make fashion statements by choosing a pattern with more flowers and various colors brightening it. Either way, floral prints, and patterns prove to be a versatile choice to amp up your outfit.

floral printed outfit

Polka dots

  • The trend of polka dots rushed into the fashion bazaar after Marilyn Monroe wore a polka dot patterned bikini in 1951. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera utilized polka dots on the majority of her outfits. She also used them on the packaging for her perfumes Carolina Herrera, Herrera for Men, Aquaflore, and Flore. This added to the popularity of polka dot prints and soon they were seen as a significant pattern.
  • Polka dot prints and patterns have no limitations, they are produced in big sizes to make the print look bold and flirtatious and they are also produced in small sizes for people who adore elegance in their outfits. The pattern can be chosen to add retro vibes to your outfits while there is subtle modernity to it too.


Snake Prints

  •  Animal prints came into the limelight in the year 1920. In the 1930s animal print was given more importance, Tarzan the Ape-man served as an inspiration for manufacturers and designers. Animal print apparel was worn by the major characters and was regarded as daring, thrilling, and alluring. Designers started making coats, scarves, and shirts with animal prints. Initially, animal prints were concentrated more on cheetah prints or leopard prints but in 2021 snake prints gained massive popularity. In terms of color distribution, snake prints are frequently monochromatic and closely resemble the appearance and feel of a snake’s scales.
  • Even though this fabric is an animal print and is very popular for faux-leather accessories, it is also commonly utilized this season for complete head-to-toe outfits and separates in a more maximalist style. Accessories with the snake print are a fantastic way to add accents to a neutral and timeless ensemble. If you want to go bolder but still keep a neutral aesthetic, you can put these designs on blazers, skirts, dresses, or pants for a less conventional look.

Animal Print outfit

Geometric Prints

  • This design is seen in many of the structures and interiors dating back to ancient Greece and Morocco. Islamic art and architecture have established a strong and long-standing link with a particular type of patterns and motifs that feature geometric designs by drawing inspiration from numerous cultures like these as well as its internal ideas. Bold geometric motifs may be seen on fashion runways all over the world almost every season.
  • In the 1960s, when Mods preferred clothing with basic, striking designs in vibrant colors, it reached its height of popularity. Now and again, we could all use a colorful wardrobe boost, and a good geometric print does just that. The colors and forms in the print speak best for maximalists and pairing the print with the right accessories and patterns can augment the outfit.

Stripes Pattern

  • The striped shirt was first worn by Breton Fishermen, and in 1858 it was proclaimed the official dress of French sailors. The 21 blue and white stripes, they claimed, made it simpler to find a guy if he fell into the water. Stripes developed became a significant component of many brands’ fashion iconography in the 20th century. Stripes picked up their popularity not only as a fashion staple but also as a basic necessity in the coming future.
  • Runway models have swayed in dresses with stripe-printed fabrics and you can catch the same fabric laying around in someone’s cupboard as a staple clothing style for them Stripes serve for everyone from minimalist to maximalist.


The modernity and evolution of patterns have been fairly displayed by designers on various fashion runways making it clear how a particular print or pattern does not belong to only minimalism or maximalism. Every print has evolved in a way that it provides two facet characteristics making itself a staple in the cupboards of various people. Adding prints can be fun and experimental the choice lies in you.