We all have certain plans and dreams about how our home should look like. You might have a Pinterest board dedicated to it, where you save every aesthetic and inspiring décor idea to replicate. But when it comes to your own home, you can’t really pick the essential residential interior design products online.

An aesthetic interior design for residential buildings needs good décor items. So, if you are unable to pick the right products for it, you can’t upgrade your home’s interior look. But no worries, as we have got you covered with these five must-have interior design products from Brown House Interiors. So, let’s get you started!

5 Must-Have Residential Interior Design Products Online

Here are a few essential picks to elevate the entire feel of your home:

1.     Statement Lighting Fixtures


Lighting is probably the most important part of interior design for residential buildings. When you walk into a room with stunning light fixtures, it gives you a different energy and completely uplifts the style of a seemingly ordinary room. A statement light fixture works as a focal point, a piece of décor that changes the entire space.

Light fixtures can be of different types, such as chandeliers, floor lamps, or pendants. Brown House Interiors introduces you to many aesthetic lighting options for your homes. For your living rooms, you can easily get a tall and classy wooden or brass floor lamp. Besides, you can place a few table lamps on your side tables, for which there are unique pieces like the In the Sun table lamp.

Also, the store gives you many options for pendant lights for your dining area or kitchen. Among them, this Alba large Jute ceiling pendant could be the perfect lighting you need.

2.     Stylish Area Rugs

If you are looking to add some warmth and texture to your living spaces, an area rug is what you need. These interior décor items can redefine spaces by adding a pop of colour to the room. A well-chosen rug can complement your furniture and create a focal point that ties together various design elements for a consistent look.

At the BHI store, you’ll find the perfect area rug for your style, whether you love modern geometric patterns, classic Persian designs, or cozy shag textures. There’s something for everyone. For instance, if you like geometric patterns you can get this Diamond Patterned Jute Rug for your living room or dining area.

If you want a more classy look, you can go for this Darya mixed-colour rug, which is best suited for your bedrooms as well as living rooms. BHI also gives you options for plush shags to make your spaces cozier and warmer.

3.     Versatile Furniture Pieces

Versatile furniture pieces are indispensable in the interior design of modern residential buildings, mainly in urban apartments where space is often limited. These versatile items help you make the most of your space while adding extra functionality and flexibility to your home.

To add versatility to your furniture, look for a minimalistic look and furniture that can transition and offer creative storage space. You can opt for this Lisette Cream Boucle Ottoman, which not only makes a stylish seat in your home but also offers storage capacity. For the bedrooms, having a stylish side table could uplift the entire feel of the room.

BHI gives you many versatile choices for this, including this double-door Victor Mangowood bedside table. Besides, if you are looking for something creative, you can go for the Segovia Set of 2 Tables, which comes with marble texture and can add a striking look to any room.

4.     Vanity & Accent Wall Mirrors

If you are living in an urban apartment where rooms feel a bit congested, adding mirrors could really help you. Particularly when you add mirrors to your accent walls, you can make them look more spacious and bigger.

Moreover, a mirror can also help you complement your existing wall décor. You can place a large-sized mirror in the centre and can use the rest of your wall décor items around it to create a gallery-like artistic wall. Besides, a mirror can also lighten up any dark space as it can provide a reflective surface in the room.

So, if you are looking to add a stylish mirror to the accent wall of your living room or other spaces, you can get plenty of options on the BHI online store. For instance, you can go for a Large Oak Leaves Gilt Mirror to use up an empty wall in the room and offer a stunning look to it. Also, you can go for a Distressed Round Paned Mirror, which can be used as a vanity mirror for bathrooms or hallways. You can further beautify any space by adding large plants along with this mirror.

5.     Decorative Accessories

Interior design for residential buildings is incomplete without some decorative accessories in the mix. Be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, or any other area, it needs to have a few decorative items. The available residential interior design products online offer various decorative accessories, such as vases, trays, candle sticks and holders, baskets, and other ceramic items.

Brown House Interior gives you many unique options for decorating your homes. You can pick many timeless items from the antique vases and ceramic pots collection. Also, you can explore its colourful and artistic trays for your console or vanity. You can also pick from its range of candlesticks and candle holders for your living room or dining table. In addition, there are many rattan and grass baskets that you can place at the entrance or along with the bathroom vanity.

Final Thoughts

The Brown House Interior is a versatile interior design store where you can find a variety of accessories to improve your home’s overall appeal. To make things further simpler for you, here we have explored some of the must-have items for your interior décor. These carefully picked pieces cannot only make your home look aesthetic but also improve your comfort. So, explore the BHI store and upgrade your boring living spaces!