Ashish AggrawalFinancial Industry, as the name appears, bulls and bear markets capture attention with all their eyes, while alarming all investors, traders, millennials, and all financial pipelines of the market. Now, if you’re done frolicking with cuddly, soft and fluffy bedtime bears, let’s move ahead. In this blog Ashish Aggarwal will shed a light on the future of finance in 2024.

In 2024, the financial terrain will evolve at a rapid pace. Why so? Looking at technological progressions and the swapping of consumer behavior. Now, it’s not new that times have changed. When you rely on digital aspects for your everyday entertainment, it’s natural that the way we invest, manage, and transact in the financial realm differs. Here, we are gathering to gain valuable insights from the Treasury intellect of Ashish Aggarwal.

  1. Decentralized finance supremacy:

Wizard shares decentralized finance lingers to win commendable eminence, allowing everyday financial users to transact without the hassle of adhering to intermediaries. If you have ever relied on centralized institutions, no more need to do so. Why? Have you heard about blockchain before? In simple words, Ashish Aggarwal says that specially for you, a mechanism maintains transparency while serving smart contracts, lending and decentralized exchange. For banking, loaning in addition to investing purposes if you are seeking substantial, decentralized solutions, a beautiful de-fi platform becomes a sophisticated choice, and other traditional financial models appear rowdy. 

  1. Amalgamation of AI and Machine Learning 

There’s more to this now! AI and ML are set off to be the most intrinsic building blocks, wait let’s elaborate a little, while making decisions for fin-tech. What advanced algorithms do we have for us? 

Well, it promises to effectively analyze expansive data sets for you, which appears to enhance risk assessments, deceitful fraud detection and prolific financial advice. Well, you will be surprised to know, AI-driven chatbots which till yesterday were used for customer services, have gained attention in financial institutions to streamline operations and deliver accurate insights.

  1. E-Identity Authentication 

Well Ashish Aggarwal highlights, while finding some utilitarian reasons, be ready to explore nowadays cyber threats, sky rockets, while protecting useful data sets which turn urgent and necessary. When we take a few steps further, we’ll see how Fin-tech companies, digital identity verification lines took a toll while implementing biometrics and behavioral analytics. Not only that but these technologies also enhance security measures while simplifying user authentication, ultimately allowing trust and confidence in online financial transactions.

  1. Cryptocurrency Blending And Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

Well, when sticking to some interesting opinions, ensure a slight rise in cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the charge. Sounds simple? Isn’t it? While integrating cryptocurrency options into their platform, they allow users to buy, sell and trade digital assets seamlessly. With this, CBDC is gaining attention, to our surprise, as central banks are exploring the benefits of digitizing their national currencies. Moving forward we will witness these conversions carry heavy potential to revamp the traditional monetary system, while offering increased productivity and diminishing transactional costs. 

  1. The Open Banking Evolution

While checking things out, we’ll find out how open banking allows third party financial service providers to access banking data with the help of API’s which evolve to create a digital ecosystem. Trend fosters information swinging between traditional financial institutions and the fin-tech market. The financial services sector, trusted customized offerings, and increased competition among service providers will benefit users most.

  1. Empowering SME through FinTech 

Ashish Aggarwal says, if you hail from the waves of fin-tech, its evident about how SME have colored the chunk. You will be amazed how innovative lending platforms utilizes data sources and AI algorithms to assess credit worthiness of SME’s. This commendable transition in fintech, you will be amazed, has created prominent job creation while fostering economic growth and stability.

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