Unlock Immigration Opportunities with DNA Tests in Chennai

Chennai is the capital of the Tamil Nadu state and is known for its excellent services in various sectors. If you are looking for Immigration DNA Tests in Chennai or nearby regions, we are here to help. Many Indians apply for visas to their dream countries every year to settle there and reunite with their loved ones. However, visa rejections are common due to a lack of proper documentation. DNA tests can offer a reliable way to establish an individual’s identity for immigration purposes.

Process of Sample Collection

Sample collection is the first step in immigration DNA testing services. The party lives in India gives their DNA sample at their nearest collection centres. If one party lives in a foreign country, their DNA sample is collected in their respective country. First, the case number is generated for the Indian tested party. Then, the same case number is shared with the party who lives abroad. After the DNA sample collection of both parties, they are sent to the testing facility for analysis.

DDC Laboratories India – For Accurate and Reliable Immigration DNA Tests in Chennai

DDC Laboratories India is one of the best labs for DNA testing, including the Immigration DNA test. We are among the best in the DNA Diagnostics field and provide accurate and accredited immigration DNA tests in Chennai. Our testing lab is accredited by –

  • NATA – For Australian Immigrants
  • AABB – For the United States of America Immigrants
  • MOJ- For the United Kingdom Immigrants
  • CIC – For Canada Immigrants

Modern technology, highly skilled staff, and outstanding client support make us among the most trusted companies for DNA testing. We have 250+ collection centers globally. Moreover, we provide the immigration DNA test report within 8-10 working days.

To schedule an appointment or for further queries about Immigration DNA tests in Chennai, call at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771.