In the world of opulent nightclubs, XS Las Vegas takes the cake. From the golden statues of women set into the walls to the dazzling LED lighting, this club is all about luxury. If you want to make the most of your experience here, it’s recommended that you book bottle service ahead of time so you can avoid long lines for admission and have exclusive table space.

The club is surrounded by two giant dance floors and an outside pool. It’s also equipped with a casino area with tables for blackjack and poker. The main room has a huge staircase that leads down to the outdoor area, and there’s plenty of seating inside the club as well.

Guests can choose to sit at tables around the pool or near the bar. There’s a lot more room for dancing and moving around at these tables than there is on the dance floor or in other parts of the main room, so they are popular among those who prefer to socialize.

In addition to the immediate patio tables, XS Las Vegas has some concrete planter boxes that can be used to relax at. The biggest advantage to these is that they are considered “indoor” tables and can be accessed by the indoor security line, which saves you from having to walk all the way back out into the hot desert air and re-enter the venue.

When you reserve a VIP table, you’ll be required to meet a minimum spend, or “min.” You can hit this amount by purchasing bottles of alcohol and champagne, other alcoholic drinks, or food from the menu. You can also use your food credit at the casino to cover part of this amount as well, but you’ll have to pay the remaining min at the end of the night.

The music at XS is electronic, primarily EDM but sometimes the DJs will spin hip-hop as well. The 2023 lineup includes DJs like Kygo, Marshmello, Alesso, and Drake, so expect to hear some of the hottest tracks of the year.

For those looking for a more relaxed experience, you can also reserve tables outside of the main room in a high-traffic area of the outdoor bar on Fridays and Saturdays. This option is a little less expensive than the tables in the main room but still gives you prime access to the action.

The most exclusive table locations at XS are reserved for those with bottle service, and they include tables right beside the DJ booth on the dance floor as well as spots in the main room and on the patio. These tables require a large host gratuity, so it’s important to discuss this with your promoter before booking any in-demand seats. Generally speaking, you’ll have more success booking tables in the main room or near the dance floor if you go through an agency that can negotiate with the staff. If you’re planning on using your table to celebrate a special occasion, ask your host about the possibility of adding an additional host gratuity for this event.