Badminton betting is a form of using money and assets to bet on the outcome of a badminton match. Players will predict which team or player will win, and if the prediction is correct, they will receive a bonus from the house. To better understand the rules of the game as well as experience playing winning and winning, don't skip the article below of keonhacai.

You already know the history of the sport of badminton

Badminton originated in India and China in the 16th century. The sport is related to the Indian game Poona, in which players use wooden rackets to hit a feather shuttlecock back and forth. .

This game was introduced to England in the 19th century by British army officers stationed in India. Initially, the game was called Poona, but was later renamed badminton, after the Badminton Center in Gloucestershire, England.

History of the birth of badminton sport

In 1877, the Badminton Association of England was established. This association developed the rules and regulations of modern badminton.

In 1934, the International Badminton Federation was established. This federation is responsible for organizing international badminton tournaments, including the Badminton World Championships.

In 1992, badminton officially became an Olympic sport.

A few words about badminton betting for beginners

As you know, badminton has always been a popular and loved sport by both men and women of all ages. Thanks to the development of technology, online badminton betting has become a new and attractive form of entertainment, attracting a large number of players to participate.

Badminton betting is a form of players using their bets to choose betting odds provided by the bookmaker and bet on the team or player they desire.

General information about badminton betting for "newbies"

Benefits when choosing badminton betting for entertainment:

  • Entertainment: Badminton betting helps players add drama and suspense to the match. When placing bets, players will have to research and analyze competing teams and players to make the most accurate predictions. This helps you understand more about the sport of badminton, while also increasing your excitement when watching the match.

  • Make money: The odds of each badminton bet will be different, depending on the winning ability of the team or player the player bets on.

  • New experience: Players will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other players with similar interests, and learn more knowledge about the sport of badminton.

Learn the rules of badminton betting

Below are the popular rules of badminton betting that you need to know:

  • Bets will be calculated based on the result of the official match, excluding secondary matches or matches taking place after the official match.

  • If the match is canceled due to objective reasons such as natural disasters, earthquakes, floods,…,.

  • If a match is postponed and takes place within 12 hours of the postponement, bets will still stand.

  • If the match takes place earlier than scheduled, the bet remains the same.

  • If an athlete is disqualified or voluntarily leaves the field, bets will be void.

  • If the match changes venue within the same country, the bet remains the same

4 popular types of online badminton betting odds

With badminton betting, you need to choose the betting odds provided by the bookmaker and bet on the team or player you desire. Below are 4 popular types of bets that any bookmaker applies in their game lobby:

Bet on the exact score of the entire match with badminton betting

Correct score bets allow players to accurately predict the score of a match. The result of this bet is the final score announced by the organizers. Each score will have a different bet level, depending on the likelihood of that score occurring.

Handicap betting to put your faith in the stronger team

In a handicap, the team that is rated stronger will start with a lower score than the team that is rated weaker. If the team that is rated stronger wins with a difference less than or equal to the handicap, the player who bets on the team that is rated stronger will lose the bet.

Popular types of badminton betting odds today at bookmakers

Conversely, if the team that is rated stronger wins with a difference greater than the handicap, the player who bets on the team that is rated stronger will win the bet.

If a player bets on the weaker team and the weaker team wins the match, the player will receive a higher payout because the probability of the weaker team winning the match is lower.

Over/under bets predict the total score of a round or a match easily

The bookmaker will give an assumed number for the total score of the round or match. Players will choose to predict the official total score of the round or match will be greater (Over) or less (Under) than the bookmaker's assumed number.

The odd-even bet predicts whether the total score of two athletes will be even or odd

The results of this bet will be announced after the match. The player who bets on the correct result will win the bet and receive the corresponding bonus. The payout for each even/odd result will often vary, depending on the likelihood of that result occurring.

5 Tips for betting easy-to-win badminton odds

To win in badminton betting, players need to have certain knowledge and experience. Below are some bloody experiences that this article wants to share with you:

Understand the rules of badminton and badminton betting

Before starting to play badminton betting, players need to clearly understand the badminton rules and the bookmaker's betting regulations. This will help players understand how to play, how to calculate points and different bets.

Study carefully the match and the athlete's strengths/weaknesses in the match

Before placing a bet, players need to carefully learn information about the match and the participating athletes, so players can make more accurate predictions.

  • Match information: including match schedule, match location, match format,…

  • Information about athletes: including recent performance, confrontation history, strengths, weaknesses,…

Revealing the secrets you need to know about badminton betting to win big

Read, understand and analyze the odds offered by the house to easily win big

Each bookmaker has different bets. Players need to read the odds carefully before placing bets to avoid misunderstandings and losses.

After careful analysis, always trust your choice

The crowd effect can sway players' decisions. Players need to be steadfast with their choices after careful analysis.

Determine the appropriate bet level for each turn

Proper financial allocation is very important in betting. Players need to determine the appropriate bet level for each round to avoid losing too much.


So, this article has sent you information about badminton betting which is extremely hot today. Hopefully these shares will help bettors, especially beginners, know how to choose and play betting effectively. Learn more bảng xếp hạng at my website.