Hey there, movie lovers! Get ready for a fantastic journey into the world of love, laughter, and feel-good vibes. We’ve lined up some super cool gay & lesbian movies that tell awesome stories and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ gang or just love a good movie, these picks are sure to make your movie night extra special.

  1. U Only Complete Me
U Only Complete Me

Love, loyalty and communication are the cornerstone of all relationships. It does not matter what the sexuality of the person is, his commitment towards his partner can not be compromised.

Directed By: Deepak Pandey
Starred: Luviena Lodh, Punit Bhatia, Raj Kumar Singh, Purushottam
Genre: Love, Romance, LGBT
Watch the Full Movie Here: U Only Complete Me On EORTV

2. Khatta Khatta Meetha Meetha

Khatta Khatta Meetha Meetha

Embark on a journey of love, where emotions intertwine in sweetness and sourness — Welcome to Khatta Khatta Meetha Meetha, where love stories unfold in all their beautiful complexities.
Starred: Shreyas Karra, Leena Balodi, Nikhil Lulani, Payal Malik, Ishika Biwas, Mandvi Singh
Genre: Love, Romance
Watch the Full Movie Here: Khatta Khatta Meetha Meetha On EORTV

3. I Love Us

I Love Us

Life is like a beautiful journey, where we meet two types of passengers, first are those who meet us only for a brief period. But they touch our lives so deeply that even after they leave, they are with us forever in our memories Second are those who not only take the journey with us but become our destination. In this quirky, romantic love journey who will be the passenger and who will become the ultimate LOVE destination?

Directed By: Deepak Pandey
Starred: Ali Merchant, Ashmita Jaggi, Harsha Chopda
Genre: Love, Romance, LGBT
Watch the Full Movie Here: I Love Us On EORTV

4. Mombian — Gul aur Sakshi ki Pyaaaaari Si Love Story

Mombian — Gul aur Sakshi ki Pyaaaaari Si Love Story

A love story of two women, battling with society and fighting for their love. Experience an emotional journey with unexpected twists, showing virtue of love.
Directed By: Deepak Pandey
Starred: Ankita Sahu, Riya Deepsi
Genre: Love, Romance, LGBT
Watch the Full Movie Here: Mombian On EORTV


Snacks? Check. Blanket? Check. It’s showtime! Dive into these awesome gay and lesbian movies — they’re not just stories; they’re like invitations to a love-filled, rainbow-tinted world. So, whether you’re a movie pro or just looking for a good time, let these films make your day brighter, one heartwarming tale at a time! 🌟🎬🏳️‍🌈