Pampas grass has quickly become a favourite decor item for those seeking to add a touch of natural elegance to their homes. With its feathery plumes and neutral tones, pampas grass effortlessly elevates any space. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate this trendy and natural dried pampas grass into your home decor, look no further! Here are seven creative ways to style pampas grass in your home.


Go Big and Make a Statement


large pampas grass


Don’t be afraid to go bold with your dried pampas grass arrangements. Opt for large, oversized vases or floor-standing vessels to create a striking focal point in any room. Whether placed in the corner of a living room or beside a staircase, a grand display of pampas grass is sure to command attention and infuse your space with drama.


A Natural, Boho Touch


Natural Dried Pampas Grass


Capture the laid-back vibes of bohemian decor by incorporating dried  pampas grass into your home. Pair it with woven baskets, wall hangings, and dried flowers to create a relaxed, earthy atmosphere. Pampas grass effortlessly complements the boho aesthetic, adding texture and warmth to your interiors.


Add Color


Colored Dried Pampas Grass


While pampas grass is known for its neutral hues, don’t hesitate to experiment with dyed varieties to introduce pops of color into your decor. Whether it’s a soft pastel pink or a vibrant teal, colored pampas grass can add personality and playfulness into your space. Mix and match different shades to create a visually captivating arrangement that reflects your unique style.


Front and Centre


Pampas Grass


Make dried pampas grass the star of the show by placing it front and center in your space. Whether adorning a dining table as a centerpiece or gracing a mantel as a focal point, positioning phalaris pampas grass in prominent locations allows its natural beauty to take center stage. Keep surrounding decor minimal to let the graceful plumes of pampas grass shine.


Go Dark


Dark Color Pampas Grass


For a touch of drama and allure, opt for dark-hued pampas grass varieties such as black or deep burgundy. These moody tones add a sense of mystery and fascination to your decor, creating a visually stunning contrast against light-coloured walls or furniture. Dark pampas grass can lend a luxurious, glamorous vibe to any room, making it perfect for evening gatherings or intimate settings.


Get Creative!


Dried Pampas Grass Trends


Don’t limit yourself to traditional arrangements—let your imagination run wild and get creative with pampas grass. From DIY wreaths and wall art to whimsical tablescapes and hanging installations, there are endless possibilities for incorporating pampas grass into your home decor. Experiment with different shapes, textures, and placements to discover unique and personalized ways to style this versatile botanical.



By following these seven styling tips with Whispering Homes, you can effortlessly incorporate pampas grass into your home decor and create a space that feels inviting, stylish, and uniquely you. Whether you prefer a boho chic look or a more contemporary aesthetic, pampas grass is sure to add a touch of natural beauty to any room.

So go ahead, unleash your creativity and let pampas grass take centre stage in your home!