When it comes to shining that ‘glow’ from within, there’s no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. That said, we do have a few advice and tricks up our sleeves implicating bronzers and highlighters that you might like to know about.  

The key disparity between bronzer and highlighter is that bronzer adds depth to the skin, whereas highlighter adds shimmer to the skin. 

What is a Bronzer? 

A bronzer is a makeup product that adds colour and zeal to the face.  

It illumines the skin and gives sun-kissed, and radiant-looking skin without having to bear the warmth of the sun. Bronzers come in distinct shades of brown, from light to dark. Usually, in ablush bronzer highlighter palette, there are two shades softer than your foundation shade. Some bronzers are matte, while some are shimmery with warm or cool undertones. 

Generally, bronzers are not used on the entire face. Instead, they are put on areas where the sun would innately hit the face: cheekbones, bridge of the nose, temples, and foreheads. They are used in circular motions. You can also use it on the chin or neck. If you like a slimmer look, they can be used to outline the jawbone as well. When using bronzers, you should remember that less is more. You should turn it on with a little amount and then build up the colour until you get the preferred look.  

What is a Highlighter? 

A blush and highlighter palette is a makeup product that adds a radiant look to the face. In this case, you use a colour that is paler than your skin colour, so it captures the light and highlights the features. However, you should avoid using very light highlighters to prevent them from looking grey. Highlighters can also lift your face and make it illuminate but just with the correct shade and tone. 

Highlighters add depth to the skin and provide a young look. There are distinct shades in the blush contour highlight palette, such as yellows, golds, champagnes, peachy oranges, and pale pinks. They are shimmery, matte, or satin and have warm or cool undertones. 

There are different kinds of blush and bronzer palette, and highlighters, such as powder, liquid, cream, and gel. Powder satin highlighters are outstanding if you have oily or combination skin. They can be used with a brush. If you want a sheer look, liquid highlighters are the best. These can be used with a brush, fingers, or a damp sponge. If you blend them with a foundation and use them, you can get a whole glow on your face.  

Cream highlighters are best if you have dry skin. They give a radiant look without looking heavy. Fingers or a brush can be used when using this. Gel highlighters have a thick formula and are long-lasting. They can be used using fingers. 

 The key disparity between highlighter and bronzer is that bronzer adds profoundness to the skin, whereas highlighter sums up the glimmer of the skin. Bronzers darken the skin, providing you with a sun-kissed, healthy look with depth, while highlighters reflect the light, providing you with a glowing look, brightening and lifting the face. 

Bronzers and the best blusher palette are the favourites of makeup enthusiasts. Bronzers from Viseart Official can cover the scars on the skin, add definition and offer a tanned look to the face. At present, there are bronzers for the body as well.