Farmtrac Tractors, a prominent name in the agricultural machinery industry, has built a reputation for producing reliable and high-performance tractors. These tractors are designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers, offering versatility, power, and efficiency. Among the various models available, the Farmtrac 60 and Farmtrac 45 stand out as popular choices due to their impressive features and affordability. This article delves into the specifications, features, and pricing of these two models, providing farmers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Farmtrac 60: Power and Performance

The Farmtrac 60 is a robust and powerful tractor that caters to the demands of medium to large-scale farming operations. It is equipped with a 50 HP engine, which provides ample power for a wide range of agricultural tasks, including plowing, tilling, and hauling. The engine is known for its durability and fuel efficiency, ensuring that farmers can complete their work without incurring high operational costs.

Key Specifications:

Engine: The Farmtrac 60 is powered by a 3-cylinder engine that delivers a maximum power of 50 HP at 2200 RPM. This engine is designed to provide consistent performance even under challenging conditions.

Transmission: The tractor features an 8 forward and 2 reverse gear system, allowing for smooth and efficient gear changes. The transmission is designed to handle various types of terrain, making it suitable for diverse farming environments.

Hydraulics: The Farmtrac 60 comes with a lifting capacity of 1800 kg, which enables it to handle heavy implements and loads with ease. The hydraulic system is efficient and reliable, ensuring smooth operation of attachments.

Brakes and Steering: The tractor is equipped with multi-plate oil-immersed brakes, which provide excellent stopping power and enhanced safety. The power steering system ensures ease of maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue during long hours of work.

Features and Benefits:

Fuel Efficiency: The Farmtrac 60 is designed to be fuel-efficient, helping farmers save on fuel costs while maintaining high productivity levels.

Comfortable Operation: The tractor’s ergonomically designed cabin provides a comfortable working environment for the operator. The adjustable seat and user-friendly controls enhance the overall driving experience.

Versatility: The Farmtrac 60 is compatible with a wide range of implements, making it a versatile choice for various farming activities. Whether it’s plowing, sowing, or transporting goods, this tractor can handle it all.

Durability: Built with high-quality materials and components, the Farmtrac 60 is designed to withstand tough working conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.


The Farmtrac 60 Price varies depending on the region and the dealer. On average, the price of a new Farmtrac 60 tractor ranges from INR 8.45 Lakh – 8.85 Lakh. This price range makes it an affordable option for farmers seeking a powerful and reliable tractor for their farming needs.

Farmtrac 45: Compact and Efficient

The Farmtrac 45 is a compact tractor that is ideal for small to medium-sized farms. It offers a balance of power, efficiency, and maneuverability, making it suitable for a variety of agricultural tasks. With a 45 HP engine, the Farmtrac 45 provides sufficient power to handle tasks such as mowing, cultivating, and light transportation.

Key Specifications:

Engine: The Farmtrac 45 is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 45 HP at 2000 RPM. This engine is known for its reliability and smooth performance.

Transmission: The tractor features 8 forward and 2 reverse gear systems, ensuring flexibility and control during operation. The transmission is designed to provide optimal performance across different terrains.

Hydraulics: The Farmtrac 45 has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg, which allows it to handle a variety of implements. The hydraulic system is efficient and easy to operate, providing reliable performance.

Brakes and Steering: The tractor is fitted with multi-plate oil-immersed brakes for effective stopping power. The mechanical or power steering options ensure easy handling and maneuverability.

Features and Benefits:

Fuel Efficiency: The Farmtrac 45 is designed to deliver excellent fuel efficiency, helping farmers reduce their operating costs while maintaining productivity.

Operator Comfort: The tractor’s ergonomic design includes a comfortable seat and intuitive controls, enhancing the operator’s comfort and reducing fatigue during extended use.

Versatility: The Farmtrac 45 can be used with a variety of implements, making it a versatile tool for different farming tasks. It is suitable for activities such as soil preparation, planting, and maintenance.

Durability: With robust construction and high-quality components, the Farmtrac 45 is built to last, providing reliable performance over the years.


The Farmtrac 45 Price varies based on the region and dealer. On average, a new Farmtrac 45 tractor costs between INR 8.8 Lakh – 9.1 Lakh. This competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for farmers looking for an efficient and reliable tractor within a reasonable budget.


Farmtrac tractors, particularly the Farmtrac 60 and Farmtrac 45 models, offer a blend of power, efficiency, and affordability, making them suitable for a wide range of farming operations. The Farmtrac 60 is ideal for medium to large-scale farms that require robust performance, while the Farmtrac 45 is perfect for small to medium-sized farms needing a compact and versatile tractor. With their competitive pricing and impressive features, these tractors provide excellent value for money, helping farmers enhance their productivity and profitability.